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1996-Meal Plan-023

Mad Chaos: Tuesday, August 13, 1996

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Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today was the earliest I have woken up in a while at 9:15 am.  But the weird thing is I had my first meal, then a shower, and halfway through the shower I got sleepy and went back to sleep for an hour and a half.  I went to sleep around 11:00 am so I was awake for one and a half hours.

Final Preparations For Kathryn’s Letter In Campbelltown

After I woke up again I had some more of the leftover pancakes.  Then I ventured off to Campbelltown.

At first I went down to check on the photos.  I got them and I saw Janette in the photo shop.  I got my photos and they were pretty good turnouts.  The best was my Bodybuilding one.

Called Nina

I found out that Kathryn ‘s age will be 16 not 17 like I put down on one of her cards.  Well, I do remember her telling me she’s turning 17 this year, so either she lied to me (god knows why they lie about age) or I’m just wrong.  I hope she isn’t too shitted about it.

I rang up Nina today.  Nina rang me back and told me that she got her tattoo on Monday at 11:00 am.  I told her that I was sending some shit to her.

Posted The Letter To Kathryn

After I came back home with that I went back down to Campbelltown to post it.  I got express post, and it should be there tomorrow.

I then went and got 4-5 kilo’s worth of chicken.  I rode it back home from Campbelltown.

Losing Focus At The Gym

I then had my second meal.  I went to the Gym a bit later, but I was only 70% in the mood.  I could lift heavy weights and I was kind of thinking straight, but I wasn’t all there, and the intensity could have been better.

I can feel my Chest a bit from yesterday around the shoulder cavity of the Pecks and also I can feel my Biceps at the Insertion to the Radius and Ulna.  I worked the Abs pretty hard too.

Gym Routine

exerciseHere is the gym routine.

Warm-up: I done some stretching for the Legs doing primarily the Quads in two different stretches stretching in-between sets and I stretched the Hamstrings a bit too.
Quadriceps: I started with a warm-up on Leg Extensions with 70 pounds and done 8 slow reps and then put the weight down to 50 pounds and proceeded to do slow reps up to 15 reps.  My next set was on Machine Seated Leg Press and I put the weight on 150 pounds and done 30 reps stopping for 2 seconds on the bottom of the movement on the last 15 reps.  I then started my heavy program and got onto Leg Press and put on 300 pounds and after some extensive stretching and warming up I got on and done 8 slow reps doing about 4 then pausing then another 2 then pausing and then the last 2.  I am thinking about putting in another set of warm-ups in my workouts that need it.  Anyway my next set was with the same weight and this time I produced a good 8 reps doing them strict, fast and perfect.  The difference was that I had the back rest up a bit higher permitting me to sit up on the seat more and helping a bit more.  My next set was on Smith Squats and I put on 160 pounds and at first it was heavy on my Trapezius but I tried it out and done 8 good hard reps out of it.  I sweated a bit out of this but all in all, I did not come home drenched.  I done my last set which was Deadlift and with a fixed bar of 100 pounds I tried it out and it was pretty easy and I done 8 straight forward reps.  For next time I am going to put it up to 160 pounds on the Olympic bars.
Hamstrings: For warm-ups I done one set on Standing Leg Curls with 10 pounds each leg and done 15 reps each leg.  I then got onto the Bent Lying Leg Curls and done 30 reps with 70 pounds on it.             I then started my mass program and on Seated Leg Curls done 2 sets on it.  I started on 200 pounds but after a rep decided it was too rough for the day so I dropped down to 180 pounds and done 8 hard reps.  After doing this I felt it real good in the Hamstrings and I had to take my legs out because they were filling up on blood.  I done one more set on this with 180 pounds and done 8 more reps.
Abdominals: I started on Crunches and done a warm-up set for 30 reps with no weight and got a good burn.  I haven’t sweated for a while on Ab workouts but this was one of them.  I then went to Cable Ab Crunches and with 50 Kilo’s on the machine done 15 reps loosing grip once.  I then got onto Low Ab Crunches and with 10 pounds extra done 8 fairly easy reps but long ones.  I then got a 40 pound Dumbbell and placed it on my Chest to do Crunches and ended up doing 8 reps and on the last rep I crunched my Abs really hard and held it for a while sending blood in there.

It’s only 8:03 pm and I only have one meal left to eat.  That’s good because I can take my time to have it.

Meal Plan (23)

Here is my Dietary intake for today.

Meal One: Pancakes & Custard,  300g Yogurt,  Orange Juice.
Meal Two: 1 Litre Milkshake + Supplement,  10 Fish Fingers, Orange Juice.
Meal Three: (200g) 3 sausages,  Spaghetti,  1 banana,  Apple Juice.


Meal Four: 200g Cod Fish Fillets,  1 banana,  8 egg whites.



Calories: 4447
Protein: 365.0 33.7%
Fat: 89.0 18.6%
Carbohydrates: 566.2 47.7%

So there you go, all in a day’s work.  Hopefully by tomorrow’s back, triceps and shoulders workout I’ll have enough endurance to take me through a great workout.

Pondering Work Experience In Solarium

I am looking forward to going to the solarium tomorrow because I can ask if they need any help at all.  If they don’t then I’ll ask them if I can get any work experience.  If still no, then I’ll just keep doing my norm.

I weighed just over 72 Kilos today just before working out.  Tomorrow I am going to weigh more.

Brodie Considering Moving Out

I saw Brodie today.  He said he is going to move out with Astor within 2 weeks from now.  I say good on him.  If I was ready I would move out too but I’m not committed yet.  Anyway I’d be better off moving out with Jett because he’s a sick cunt.

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