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1996 Meal Plan 021

Mad Chaos: Thursday, August 1, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Keith Asks For Help

Last night at 1:30 am Keith came over my house telling me he was just bashed by the manager from Pizza Hut for cheating them of money.  He comes over to my house to tell me a sob story and to ask my help in throwing bricks through their windows.

He can’t come to me as a friend; he has to come to me for a favor.

I refuse to give him that right, because of all the times I needed him to help me out with driving and learning to drive, and because of all the times he thought he was in love and came over to my house to have a cry to me.

Today is the first day of the month and it was pretty big.

Mom And Brother Have Domestic Fight

First of all it started with me being woken up at around 10:00 am because my brother was having an argument with my mum.  By far the worst one with both of them arguing at the top of their lungs on the street, and all because my mum thinks she hears stories about us on the radio and sees us on television.

I soon went for a bike ride to the shops to ring Telecom because the fight was also about that.  I got them to put the phone on for incoming calls only.

Call Madlyn

I then called Madlyn.  She was on a school trip so I called a job interview and they didn’t call me back.

Reached Weight Goal

I’m proud to say that now I weigh 73 Kilos and a bit after last night’s 5000 calorie diet.  Tonight, I’m having another one.  I’m going to eat my fourth meal soon.

I slept for a while today before I was going to go to the gym and then I got up and contemplated if I should go.  I ended up going.

It was one of those workouts where you don’t want to be there but you get a better than average workout anyway.  I felt like I wanted to go.  I was tired but I did not feel over-trained.

Gym Routine

exerciseHere is what I did in my workout.

Warm-up: My warm-up consisted of getting on the bike and doing 3 minutes of bicycle riding and burning 25 calories.

I then stretched my Chest after my first warm-up set and stretched my Triceps a bit and my Back and Chest a bit more.

Chest: This was a repeat really of 2 workouts ago or so but, this time I couldn’t lift as much but I tried to lift an extraordinary weight.

I started with warming up with Machine Fly’s and I saw this guy and asked him about the machine and he turned out that he knew me from Feelin Fit about 2 years ago.  He thought I was getting bigger.  He was probably waiting for me to approach him all this time the poor bugger whose name was Jason.

I did my set and with 40 pounds I done 15 reps to warm-up.  I then went to Machine Seated Bench Press and with 50 pounds done 15 more warm-up reps.  I sweated pretty bad for the Chest and that was pretty good as I started on Barbell Bench Press to try out a big weight and I started on 160 pounds without a stretch.

I got a person to spot me and thought I could get around 4 reps by myself but, it turned out that the first one was the only one I got out by myself really and I done 6 reps with little assistance.

I classed that as a set but the next set was with Dumbbell Bench Press and I got 70 pounders and after about 2 minutes of waiting and contemplating I got down and done one rep and put the weight down.  Too heavy for me as I went down still, to 60 pounders and after some more waiting I got down and done 4 reps and stressfully put it down halfway up.  This was the start.

I then got to the Incline Dumbbell Press and with 60 pounders and a bit of rest I commenced and done 5 very hard reps and on the fifth conked out just before the top.

Then came my second set on this and with 55 pounds I just managed to do 6 reps and on that last rep had trouble getting my elbows straight.

I then went to Decline Dumbbell Press and with 60 pounders done 6 reps.  I had a lot of rest and then Proceeded to do 6 more reps with 60 pounders.

My Endurance set was on Pullovers and with 30 pounds I done 50 reps and my Chest, Shoulders and Teres Major and Minor were hurting.

Latissimus: Lats were different today with me going for Lat Width rather than Bulk.  I done a set of warm-up on Widegrip Lat Pulldowns and done 15 reps with 30 pounds.

I then got onto Seated Cable Rows and done 15 reps with 50 pounds.  I then decided to go and do Hammer Grip Lat Pulldowns to the front and put the weight on 120 pounds and done myself 8 reps.

I then had a break and put the weight first up to 135 pounds and found it was too easy so, I put the weight up to 150 pounds and done 8 reps with good form but not going all the way down.  I then dropped the weight to 105 pounds and done 8 more strenuous reps.

I then went to Lat Pushdowns and started on 200 pounds and done 8 reps with  hands in grip.  I then put the weight down to 180 pounds and done 8 more reps with the 45 angled one.

I then walked over to do One Arm Dumbbell Rows and started on 80 pounds doing 8 reps for that set.  I put the weight down to 70 pounds because I thought form would be good and done 8 more good reps.

I then moved onto my Endurance set and got onto the Seated Lat Pullback machine and done 50 reps with 50 pounds.

Warm-down: I got onto the bike and pedaled for 2 minutes to bring 15 calories to a burn.

Now I have my meal in front of me.  I hope that tomorrow I will weigh more than 73 kilos.  This is a first for me.  I have not weighed this much before.

Meal Plan (21)

I’m going to write down today’s Dietary Plan and maybe start writing one out for tomorrow for the day I will spend with William at the pools and the gym.

Meal One: Sportsplus Cereal,  Pancakes and Syrup,  Apple Juice.
Meal Two: 300g Mango Yogurt,  2 tuna Sandwiches,  1 Banana.
Meal Three: 1 Banana,  1 litre Milkshake,  Pasta Twists.  Multivitamin Tablet,  Calcium Tablet.
Meal Four: Ham and Pea soup,  8 Egg Whites.
Meal Five: 1 Meat Pie,  500g Chicken,  Apple Juice.


Calories: 4803
Protein: 453.9 38.7%
Fat: 75.2 14.6%
Carbohydrates: 598.0 46.7%

I should start gaining weight pretty rapidly.

Proud Of Physique

I must admit that when I came back from the gym, I was as pumped as a mother fucker.

Having your chest and your back popping out with your abs perfect and your legs pretty darn huge is a good sight for me to see, especially on myself.

It is now time to go and eat and I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.


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