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Mad Chaos: Sunday, August 25, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

I’m listening to Snoop Doggy Dog again, and now I have a feel for what I am writing when I am writing some rhymes.

Today I got up at 11:30 am.  I had something to eat.  Then I packed up and went to Tatton’s house with my CDs and some tapes so I could tape some shit for the gym.

Writing Hip Hop Lyrics With Tatton

I got a lot done there.  I went there with the thought that we should get some rhymes kickin in the speakers.  Well, we worked on that idea.  Me and Tatton then came over here and worked on it a bit more.

Paged Jett With A Rhythm

I gave Jett a page and it was a rhyme rap that I gave to him with the work of Tatton.  He called me up later.  I told him about the shit that was happening.  He down wit that.

I been working on some shit just then and I found I’m a pretty good rapper.  I put Snoop on  very low when I was writing the shit so I could hardly hear it and then it came natural.  I just have to find out if I’m good when Tatton and Jett hear it.

Brite Wite Hip Hop Group Forms

Tatton’s name is now ‘D.J Tangaray’ and Jett’s is ‘Jett J’ and mine is ‘Phreaky E’.  I haven’t got enough time to write all the rhymes but here is one rhyme.

1 – 2 – 2 – 1,  Look at this bitch go crazy for cum.

2 – 3 – 3 – 4,  bitch been gobbling dick at least an hour or more.

I been writing and rhyming about myself and a situation where Jett J came over my house.  We called up D.J Tangaray, and he told us about a party at The Dog Father’s house.  We went and a big gang bang happened.  I have to expand a bit to it but it will be OKAY for a first rap.

Hip Hop Interrupts Gym

I have been so into this that I forgot that I have to go to the gym tomorrow.  I haven’t even got a program but I know I’m going 4 days a week and I am doing 12 reps a set and 3 body parts a day and about 2 warm-ups and 2 exercises with 3 sets.

That’s all for today back to the rapping.

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