Mad Chaos: Monday, August 19, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Tatton Comes Over

Today started off later than usual.  At 12:00 pm I got rang by Tatton asking if we are doing the workout thingy we planned on doing.  I said yeah and we agreed for him to come over at 1:00 pm.

I ate and played around with the computer for a while.  He came half an hour late with Drake.  I ate my first meal and was ready to workout at Olympus Gym.

Olympus Gym Routine

exerciseWe went down (all three of us), and done my workout, which was another great workout.

Warm-up: It was my back today and all that so I only done some light stretching for the Lats.
Latissimus: I started with a warm-up on Seated Cable Rows and for a warm-up done 30 reps on Seated Cable Rows.

I then moved onto Straight arm Cable Pulldowns with 35 kilos and done 15 reps.

I got onto the T-bar Rows and put on 140 pounds which was heavy to me the last time I tried it.  Well, this time I done some good reps and even though they weren’t perfect I got out 8 reps.  I then put the weight down to 130 pounds and done some perfect 8 reps.  It wasn’t actually perfect because near the end I started to conk out and then the last two reps were a struggle.

Next on the Agenda was One arm Dumbbell Rows and I got out some 90 pounders and for the first time done 8 reps with that weight and even though these reps were also not that strict and were sloppy, they performed well for the next set.

The next set was with 80 pounds and I done a good 8 reps before quitting.  Once again I timed myself and done this in 15 minutes by the way.

I done one more set too and it was Hammer Grip Pulldowns and with 120 pounds on it done 8 hard reps.  I was fucked.

Biceps: This body-part today was taxed a lot even though I couldn’t find the Preacher Curl Bench.  I started with a warm-up of Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curls and done 15 reps with 20 pounders doing 5 Hammer style.

I then couldn’t find the Preacher curl so I substituted with Dumbbell Hammer Curls and done 10 reps with 20 pounders.

I then loaded the E.Z Curl Bar up with 70 pounds and again, for the first time beat my record and, with the help of Tatton, I accomplished 8 reps only getting help for the last rep.  I then dropped the weight to 60 pounds and done 8 more reps failing on the second last rep and getting Tatton to assist me on the last.

These four sets were done in 10 minutes.  I give myself at least 2 and a half minutes between sets but, I might drop that down to 2 minutes for Tomorrow’s workout just to make it a bit harder.

Deltoid: This was also a surprise for me.  I started on Upright Rows and with 50 pounds fixed I done 15 hard reps for a warm-up.  I then got down to Lateral Raises and with 20 pounders done another hard 12 reps.

My hard sets were on Seated Dumbbell Press and I started with 45 pounders after some time picking weight and I done an easy 8 reps.  This was my previous high weight I think and It surprised me so I went up to 50 pounders and got Tatton to spot me and actually got to my 6th rep and then Tatton spotted me on the last rep and spotted from the top and I had to drop the weights.

If my Biceps weren’t aching with blood and my Back wasn’t hurting then, I could have done at least 60 pounders.  I also done this within 10 minutes again and could have done it within 8 minutes because Tatton forgot to reset the watch.

So that’s it.

Starting from Tomorrow I’m going to step up the pace a bit and go faster and try to push more weight in that time with more intensity.

Accomplished Goal Weight

My weight was 74.5 kilos when I was getting weighed at Olympus, but after I ate and went to Bodishop I weighed 75 Kilos.  Either way, I’m over my Goal weight which was 74 kilos.  As long as I reach 76 kilos before the end of this week I’m cheering.

Bodishop With Tatton

exerciseAfter we finished at my Gym I went home with Tatton and Drake.  I ate and then, we walked to Campbelltown Bodishop for Tatton’s Gym.

The only objection I had was Drake coming and squeezing in and not paying attention.  I gave him a spar at the Bodishop.  Me and Tatton had a thing going that I’d teach him a lesson and knock him out for a bit.

Boxing With Tatton

I did pretty good and played with him for a while giving him the “The first punch you throw is your last” Look.  It was all over when I started laying into him.  He got maybe one or two hits in but, I started playing furious a bit and giving him some medium punches and sent him on his way.

We were only giving each other body blows and he made up an excuse not to spar me anymore.  It appears I winded him.

Then I started harassing the Boxing Bags.

North Sydney Bears Gym Training Session

While I was punching away on the boxing bags Tatton told me to turn around.  There were the North Sydney Bears getting ready to play their game against Western Magpies.  I carried on as if they weren’t there because they ain’t that big to me.  Then after a while I got tired and just sat and watched for a bit.

The only one I was really looking at was Bret Hudson because he is alright.  But I don’t get autographs and we left them there to do their practice.

Sweating In The Solarium

After that I went to the Solarium and sweated a lot.  After boxing and the Solarium it was three hours past.  I lost a lot of bodyweight and sweat and I was in a catabolic state.

Then I finished up.

Post-Workout Feeling

Right now I am now in an anabolic state of muscle building.  My obliques ache like hell, my biceps are already hurting near the bottom, and my quads, hams, lats and adductors are also hurting.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow I’m going to go and get that muscle building formulae.

Me and Tatton are then going to my gym tomorrow.  He is going to help me again.  I have to work my chest, hams and abs tomorrow so I hope the hamstrings heal a bit until then.

Meal Plan (29)

I’m going to have my last meal now and then play the computer for a bit.

My Caloric Intake for today is…

Meal One: 125g Pasta Twists,  1 Banana.
Meal Two: 1 Litre Milkshake,  500g Chicken,  beef and Vegetable Soup.
Meal Three: 5 fish Fingers, Special K cereal,  1 Meat Pie.
Meal Four: 4 eggs,  2 Tuna Sandwiches.


Calories: 4025
Protein: 390.2 39.3%
Fat: 81.0 18.5%
Carbohydrates: 445.9 41.1%
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