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1996-Meal Plan-022

Mad Chaos: Monday, August 12, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today was an ordinary day, really not starting until 10:00 am.  I got up, had my first meal of the day.

To Campbelltown

A bit later I went downtown to see about the postage to Kathryn.  I found it will cost me $7 – or around that – which I will be able to afford.  It’s next-day delivery.  I will pick the pictures up tomorrow.  I’m happy about that.

Visited Bình’s Shop

My day downtown was alright.  I was trying not to burn too much calories.  I went down to Bình’s shop and we talked for a bit.  Then after a while I left and started heading off.

Family Shopping Day

I got home and it was time to go shopping.  We went, and it took me half an hour to get my mum off her butt to go shopping.  We shopped and we don’t have enough meat but I will be getting some soon today or tomorrow.

Later on, I will be going down to the Solarium to get a tan for myself.  Maybe I’ll buy meat on the way.  I will go after my third meal.  Then my fourth meal will be my last and best.

Gym Routine

exerciseHere is what I did at the Gym today.  I wasn’t that much into it though because I was under 71 Kilos.

Warm-up: I am deciding to eliminate all bike warming up and concentrate on the job at hand so the warm-up was actually stretching of the Pecs and the Triceps.
Chest: I started with my first warm-up of Dumbbell Bench Press and with 25 pounders I done 30 reps stretching at the bottom.  My second warm-up was with Pullovers and with 45 pounds I done 15 reps breathing in all the way down and out all the way up.

For my real sets now (which took me 15 minutes to do 4 sets), I began on Dumbbell Bench Press and with 70 pounders picked them up and at this point I wasn’t very mentally aware and I just done 7 reps almost completing the 8th rep but the mental stimulation wasn’t there.

My second set was with 70 pounders again and this time I was a bit more aware but still, I only managed to complete 5 reps before conking out.

I then got onto the Dumbbell Incline Press and with 60 pounders done 8 full fairly hard reps.  I felt a bit flushed and I pushed onto Weighted Dips and I got a 40 pound Dumbbell and placed it between my legs and actually done 5 reps before conking out.

I then stopped and done another rep with the same weight and took the weight off and waited a bit before doing 4 more reps with no weight.

In between one of my Dumbbell sets I done one set of Dumbbell Bench Presses with 35 pound dumbbells for 10 reps.

Biceps: Took me a while to complete because I was trying out new things and I didn’t know what weight I was going to be good at.  I think my weights suffered because I myself weighed below 71 Kg.  If I weighed around 73 Kilos I would have been able to have a productive workout and that’s why I am eating good and correct for 2 weeks.

My first warm-up set was on Alternate Dumbbell Curl with 20 pounders and I done 20 reps each hand.  I then done one set of barbell curls with a fixed bar of 45 pounds doing 15 correct form reps.

I then started my Biceps heavy training and got onto Barbell E.Z curls and I tried it first with 80 pounds but it was pretty hard for me to even lift it once and couldn’t lift it once.  I put the weight down to 70 pounds and done myself 6 pretty easy reps and then the last 2 reps were kind of cheat reps.  on the 8th rep I brought the weight down slowly.

My next and last set was with E.Z Preacher Curls with 60 pounds.  I had a very hard time with this but a good time and after my first 5 reps, it started getting hard.  By the 7th rep I was going to quit but my will pushed me on and I lifted the preacher bench up off the ground on the last rep to complete the actual rep.  Some hard shit.

Calves: I think today’s workout went pretty good and I was drinking a sports drink while I was working out.  By now it was almost all gone and I started my warm-up on Donkey Calve Raises and with 120 pounds done 30 reps.  It hurt a bit and I went to Seated Calve Raises and done 15 reps with 40 pounds.

I then started heavy and got on the Standing Calve Raises and with 300 pounds             on it I done 8 reps and hard ones.  I then put the weight down to 260 pounds and done 8 more slow hard reps.

Meal Plan (22)

Tomorrow I will be more anabolic, especially after the last meal before bed, and with my new trend of going to sleep earlier.

Here is my Dietary Intake list for today and some other shit.

Meal one: 125g Pasta Twists,  500ml Milk + 15g free supplement.
Meal Two: 500ml Milk + 15g free supplement,  500g Chicken,  1 Banana.
Meal Three: 2 Tuna Sandwiches,  450g Potatoes,  100g Prawns,  Orange Juice.
Meal Four: 1 Banana,  Steak (500g),  5 egg whites,  Orange Juice.


Calories: 4340
Protein: 485.2 45.8%
Fat: 87.6 18.8%
Carbohydrates: 409.8 35.4%

My second meal actually was aided by a Multivitamin Tablet.

I’m going to get to eating my shit, and then cooking the next batch of shit, and then getting the shit off Imad, and then going down to the shit in Campbelltown, and then cooking some more shit, then, the shit where you sleep.

Tryptophan is getting to me and I’m sleepy a bit, I might have a little snooze.

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