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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, July 3, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

The Amplifier Brings Good Luck

Now that’s all right now that I’m having a good week.  When I get the light on the amplifier to work, it is a sign that I am having good luck.  What’s also good is that the light has been working constantly since yesterday so that is a very good sign.

Phone Chat With Madlyn

I woke up today around 12:30 pm and ate a light breakfast light.  I then cleaned up my room.  After about an hour I called Madlyn.  At first it was weird but it soon got good.  We were talking to each other freely as if we have known each other for a while.

We talked for about half an hour and I found out a bit more about her and her lifestyle.  I told her about me and she couldn’t believe that I don’t drink or that I listen to classical music.

She was meant to ring me after I came back from gym but it doesn’t look like she is home because the answering machine is on.

Drive Keith’s Manual Car

Keith just came over with Rory and he let me drive the car up the street and back down to test it out.  I stalled it the first time because of a hill start, and then I got it up the hill and back down the hill and around and then back up.

Keith just wanted to hear his car revving to see if it was louder than Rory’s while going up the street.

Gym Routine

exerciseI just went to the gym and my food is lined out in front of me.  5 pieces of chicken, a lot of potatoes, and a meat pie.  For a drink I have orange juice, but now for my workout.

Warmup: I went on the bike and conjured up 5 minutes of pedaling and gained losing 50 calories out of it.

I then did multiple stretches for my Quads and Hams throughout the workout.

Quadriceps: I started with Leg Extensions and done my first set with 70 pounds and done 12 reps.  I then put the weight up to 110 pounds and done 12 more reps.  I put the weight up once more to 120 pounds and done 12 more reps slowly and continuously.

My next exercise was Hack Squats and I started with 80 pounds of plates and done 10 reps.  I thought this Hack Machine was alright so I put the weight up to 120 and done 10 more reps.  I then put it once more up to 160 and done 9 reps almost conking out on the last rep.  I really need a spotter to excel in the business.

I went to Machine Vertical Leg Presses and started on 200 pounds and done 20 reps.

I then quickly went to the Sissy Squat Machine thing and done 15 reps in superset Style.

I then done another Superset doing 230 pounds and 20 reps toes in on the Leg Press and 20 pounds and 12 reps on the Sissy Squats.

My last Superset was with 230 pounds for 20 reps toes in and then, 20 pounds again for 12 reps.

Hamstrings: I thought I’d get tough with the Hamstrings today so I done very heavy sets for long times.

My first 3 sets were on Leg Curls (Lying) and I started with 30 pounds and done 15 reps.  I then whacked it up to 80 pounds and hammered out just doing 10 reps.  I was going to put the weight down but I stretched and done another 8 reps with the same weight.

I then went to Standing Leg curl and to loosen my legs I started with 10 pound and done 15 reps.  I then put it up to 30 pounds and done 10 more reps.  I left it there and then done another 10 reps.

I rushed over to the Seated Leg curl and done 3 sets starting with 100 pounds and doing 15 reps.  I then put it up to 150 pounds and done 15 more reps.  I tightened the Machine up a bit and then I done 160 pounds and 15 more reps.

Calves: I was feeling drained due to a lack of Carbohydrates so I did little for Calves and started with doing 2 sets of Donkey Calve Raises starting with 180 pounds and doing 15 reps.  I then put it up to 220 pounds and done 15 more reps.

Running to the Standing Calve Raise Machine I started on 150 pounds and done 15 reps.  I then put it up to 160 pounds and done 15 more reps.

Warm-down: I done the usual 2 minutes and 10 calories.

Planning To Call Madlyn

I’m going to call back Madlyn later on tonight to see if she is coming.  Then I am calling Anona whom I also met last night.  I’m going to see if she wants to come out with us and bring Alison with her and some more of her mates.

If Madlyn comes then she will be definitely bringing some of her friends.  She is half Czechoslovakian and half Polish.

Now it is time to call the girls up and see what they are all doing tonight, because I know that I am going to get some tonight.  I am going to please some girl tonight, and it will be Madlyn.

I’m going to eat now.


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