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Mad Chaos: Thursday, July 25, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Planning Homebush

Tomorrow is going to be a taxing day for me.  I have to go to Parramatta and hand in money for my fine.  I also have to buy moisturizer and shave my legs for Homebush.  I also have to buy food for the week.

I will ring Pari and see Imad about HomeBush.  I have to go to the Gym after that so it will be taxing.

I also want to ring about the Job at Padstow because my phone is off.

Meal Plan

Talk about taxing, I have made a dietary program for my day at Homebush.  It will be simple eating except for breakfast.  I will have a 5000 calorie intake or more.  Spread throughout the day that is a lot of food to eat.

Hand In Dole Form At CES

I woke up today and straight off, went down to CES to get my form handed in to get money tomorrow.

Pools With Tatton

exerciseI had my bag with me and bought a bunch of Bananas and some Mandarins for the Pools today so I don’t bum out.

I went to Tatton’s house and he was eager to go to the pools and we went.

We ended up staying at the pools for 4 or more hours.  In that time we did lots.

Firstly, we tested the water by doing 10 mostly freestyle laps.  Those laps took 20 minutes.

We then went into the spa.  I gave my feet a massage by the jets.

After 20 minutes of relaxation, we went back and did 15 more laps in about half an hour.

Then we went back to the spa for 20 more minutes.  I spent time trying to relax my legs again with the jet.

We then decided to go and do another 15 laps and these were very enduring on my shoulders.  It hurt my whole body but we done it and celebrated by spending over 40 minutes in the Spa.  Right now my body is pretty pumped and I feel good.  But despite how I had a shower and cleaned my hair and face, I am still itching from all the chlorine.

Now I feel that all of that work has paid off because I feel like 73 kilos.  I’m going to go up in weight by Saturday.

This program is really good as it will bring out mass in my weights and body toning and fat reduction with bike riding and swimming.  It will also relax me when I go to the sauna and start going to the solarium again.

Giving Up Ambitions For Kathryn’s Day

I have decided that I will not go for my P’s this month or next month.  I will postpone it until after Kathryn’s birthday.  That hurts me to say it but it has to be done so I can give her a better, more muscular package when she comes back to say Hi.  Plus, I’ll be able to last longer in the sack because I have good endurance.

Planning Ahead

Hectic day tomorrow.  Nothing else to say.

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