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Mad Chaos: Monday, July 29, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Keith Shares His Stories

Today I woke up from a dream, dreaming Keith came over my house at night time and stopped his car while I was sleeping in bed.  I got up and opened the door.  The thing was, he really was at my door knocking, so I had to open the door.

At first I was to ask him why come over, but after a bit I let him in and he stayed for a bit.  He gave me gossip and the most shocking is that he got onto Sherry.  She gave him a head job in front of Palmer and Ingrid while they were driving.  He was also supposed to get onto Carey a bit back.

Visit William

After he left I went to see William because Harley is now going out with a guy and I wanted to see William about it.  He wasn’t home.

Visit Imad

I tried Imad to see if he was at Dina’s house.  He wasn’t so, I went to Campbelltown.

Visit Campbelltown CES

I actually went to the C.E.S down there and saw Keith and then William while I was at the front counter.  Keith soon left.

The Bodishop Gym With William

exerciseWilliam and I went to check out Mcewan’s Gym and The Bodishop for him because he wanted to build his shoulders up for the Fire Brigade.  We ended up getting into the Bodishop for free.  I helped him work out there giving him a full body workout for his first time.

I then went upstairs and did Kickboxing on the boxing bags there, and some sparring with the little kick thing.  I was going for about 20 minutes doing splits and hand stands before we left.

I also saw Tiffany Hawking and Liza Ethel when we were at the Bodishop.

Visit Hayley

I got a lift home with William after we went to Harley’s house because I wanted to see her and how she was.  But she was out at the pools, so me and William went straight home.

On the way home I bought a day’s worth of food for the night.

Gym Routine

exerciseWhen I got home I went to the Gym.

Warmup: Was contributed by the boxing and a light workout with William.  I did however do 3 minutes and 30 calories on the bike.
Biceps: My first two sets were warm-ups and I started on Cable Preacher Curls with 20 pounds and I done 15 reps.

I then went to Cable Standing Curls and with 20 pounds done another set of 15 reps.  I then started heavy and put the weight up to 70 pounds on Standing Cable Curls and done 6 hard reps with medium amount of cheating on the last reps.  I put the weight down to 60 pounds and done that for 7 reps.

I then walked over to do some Seated Dumbbell Curls and started on 40 pounders doing 6 reps again with medium cheating.  I put the weight down to 35 pounds and done me 7 more reps stopping to pause for the 5-7th reps.

My last set was with Concentration curls and I done 60 reps for each hand with 15 pounders bringing my pinkie higher than the rest of my hand and I could feel it in the Inner part of my Biceps.

My Biceps are aching right now.

Triceps: I started on Standing Tricep Pushdowns and with 20 pounds on the stack I pushed it 50 times trying to keep strict form and not stopping at the top of the movement and it paid off giving me an ache after the first set.

I then done a set on Lying Cable Tricep Extensions and I started on 25 pounds and ended up doing 40 reps.

I then went back to Pushdowns and this time it was with 30 pounds and I ended up doing 30 reps.

Then, I jumped on to do Close Grip Bench Press with 40 pounds on it and done 2 sets of 20 reps.

I then got up and got a 35 pound Dumbbell and done Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extensions and done them for 20 reps.  I then put the weight up to 55 pounds and done 7 reps of this and it felt I couldn’t do it properly.

Calves: My Calves were actually the highlight of the night.  I got them hurting a bit worse than last session.

I started with Hack Squat Calve Raises and with 80 pounds loaded I done 50-60 reps and I remember it was painful trying to walk around.  I then got on with the same weight and done another 40 reps or so.  I got up and my legs were aching.

I then walked over to Donkey Calve raises and with 120 pounds done 30 reps and the ache was stupendous.  I then got onto Standing Calve Raises and put it onto 120 pounds and ended up doing 30 reps.

My last two sets were the most taxing and It was on Seated Calve Raises with 40 pounds and I started and done 30 reps for my first set aching with Lactic Acid.

I then paused and for my last set I was only going to do 20 but I pushed myself to do 30 more reps.

That was a grueling workout.  I have fire for the next two weeks because of it.

Playing Pinball Fantasies With Brother

My brother and I were just playing Pinball Fantasies because he wanted to play it, so we had a game together.  My brother can use my computer any time, just as long as he takes care of it.

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