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Mad Chaos: Monday, July 22, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Play Piano

Yesterday I didn’t do much.  I just stayed home, played the piano and watched the Olympic Games.

Imad And I Record Piano Music

The highlight was when Imad came over for about an hour.  We played the Piano and taped it at the same time.

I stayed up until 4:00 a.m. last night watching the Olympic Games.

Brother Suspects Gym Regular Is Porn Star

Today I got woken up by my brother at 9:30 a.m.  He came in my room and shoved a porno in front of my face and asked me if I knew the woman in the picture.  I said “Yeah,” to get rid of him and he left it in my room.

I looked at it later.  He thinks that it was a person that I used to go to Feelin Fit with called Linda.  It kind of looked like her in some shots but I don’t think it was her.

Looking For Tatton

I went over to Tatton’s house earlier to see if he wanted to come to the gym with me.  I didn’t find him, so I went down to Campbelltown to look for him.  I didn’t find him there either so I decided to go to the gym after riding a warm-up of 10 km.

Gym Routine

exerciseMy workout today was good and I felt it lots in my Chest.

Warmup: I actually warmed up doing 10Km around Campbelltown and then I done 3 minutes on the bike and burnt off 20 calories.  I done lots of stretching for the Chest all around and done some stretching for the back when its turn came.
Chest: I started with 2 warmup sets starting with 25 pound Dumbbells and on Incline Dumbbell Curls done 15 reps.  I controlled the weight up and down and then converted the bench to Bench press Dumbbell Curls.  I done a warmup set with this doing 15 reps with 30 pound dumbbells.

Here came the serious shit and I started off with 60 pound Dumbbells and done Incline Dumbbell Press.  My first set was for 8 reps and it didn’t budge me much.  I then kept the same weight and done another 8 reps.

I changed the bench to Flat and with the same weight, done another 7 reps (very hard too), on Bench Dumbbell Press.  I then lowered the weight to 55 pound dumbbells to get more than 6 reps out of the set and managed 8 reps.

I was thinking of doing Pullovers next but I decided on doing Decline Dumbbell Press and started with 60 pounders.  I firstly done 8 reps and then for my next set I stayed on the same weight but decided to get some help.  I got someone to spot me and he spot me good enough for me to get 5 reps and I was going for my 6th and I was almost there but the weights just dropped from fatigue.

My last set was with Pullovers and I got a 25 pound Dumbbell and done 60 reps slowly and continuously.  My Chest was pumped up to the max after I had finished this exercise.

Lattisimus: I started by doing 2 warmup sets on Seated Cable rows.  I tried to tick away from cables and tried to stick to free weight for all my heavy exercises but had trouble with the back to do it.

My first set was with 30 pounds and I done 15 reps.  I crunched the shoulders and used strict form and then with 40 pounds I done 15 more reps the same way.  I now got into heavy and I first started on T bar rows and stacked it with 90 pounds and done 8 reps.  I could actually feel it when I was working it but not to the effect I wanted.  I then put the bar up to 100 pounds and done 8 more reps with a bit of cheat reps.

I then moved to One Arm Dumbbell Rows and started on 80 pounds and done 8 reps strictly and painfully.  My second set was with the same weight and this time again, I done 8 reps.

I then moved back to Seated Cable Rows and put it up to 100 pounds and done 8 reps.  I then put the weight up to 110 pounds and done 8 more reps.

My last set was on Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns and I done 60 reps with 30 pounds.  That was all I done for the back.

Warm-down: I decided to be different today doing 15 calories in 2 minutes.

Now I weigh 71.5 kilos still.  I’m going to go up after tonight.

Tatton Calls

I’m talking to Tatton right now.  He just rang me up to say hi.

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