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Mad Chaos: Thursday, June 13, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today was another sit at home mellow day.

Keith Needs A Favor

I woke up by the phone because Keith rang me around 10:00 am wanting me to drive his mum’s car to P & I Smash Repairs for him.  But, I was sleepy so I told him to ring back at 12:00 pm.

I woke up around that time and rang Keith up, but he didn’t answer his phone.  I thought the job was done, and I found out it was.  Ned done it for him.

Redd’s Gang Fight

I played the computer today for a while.  Then Keith came over and talked to me out the front for half an hour.  He had Redd with him who told me how he had a fight down at the Skate Ring last Friday with these lads from Bankstown.  It was 6 large 25 year olds with bats against Redd, Miroslav, Hudson and all the other lads who skate – making 15 of them – took on these, others and won.

One of the guys from Bankstown got his head bashed in and had to get a lot of stitches to his head.  Now he’s back for some revenge.  There is supposed to be about 50 of them coming down this Friday.

Domestic Argument

A bit after that I had a massive fight with my mum.  She bought some newspapers and was going through it and saying my dad was in nearly half of it.  She goes on sometimes, but she went too far this time.  She can’t even read the paper, so I had a big argument over that.

Visited Johnnie

I went on my bike to cool off and went to Johnnie’s and to Maura’s house for a while.  I found out that Meuriel might not be coming because she met a guy at the club and she might be spending the day over there.

Meet Jett

I went to pick up some Wonder passes from Jett around 6:30 pm while it was sprinkling a bit.  I met him at the train station and he gave them to me there.  I walked him to the Bowling Alley where he was meeting Caitlin.

I then went back to Johnnie’s house and gave him the Wonder passes and went back home.

McDonalds Hangout

I finished the 3rd stage of Desert Strike when Keith came and picked me up.

We went down to McDonalds where Rory and Aubree, Janice and Celeste were.  Bane (from my old gang I.Y.F) was there.  Rory was trying to snob me because he had chickies around him so I talked to Bane instead.

Narellan Lookout

We pissed off later and called Rory from Bình’s shop.  He came with Saha and a girl called Diana that was getting onto Silvester at the party.  They were in Rory’s car.  We went to the lookout at Narellan.

We stayed there for like… a whole ten minutes.

Cruise Around Campbelltown

Then we headed back to Campbelltown where we picked up William from McDonalds.

We then picked up Imad and we went around car yards looking for mags to steal.  We didn’t take any and so we went disappointed to Campbelltown, where we saw Yunus with the Red Gemini – or Datsun.

He went sick in his car tonight and done some 360’s in his car just next to Ned’s street.  He is a pretty sick driver.  Imad’s sister, Azra, sold the Celica to Ali – who is Imad’s brother in law.  That’s all I have to say about today.

Tomorrow I have to get up a bit earlier to hand in my form and I get my money on Friday.  I know now what I am spending my money on.

If I get $75 (which I will probably get) then I spend $20 for the stripper, $25 for a driving lesson, and $30 for the gym for 2 weeks.  If I have more money I am going to buy the Tony Rich Project CD single, and maybe some clothes.

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