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Mad Chaos: Thursday, June 13, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Hand In Dole Form

Well, today I handed in my Dole form with the help of Keith and Shawn.

Keith called me up at 9:30 am in the morning and then called me back at 11:00 am to see if I was up for the Dole yet.  I wasn’t (typical me).  So he came over with Shawn in Shawn’s car and they came to Campbelltown with me.

I had to get the dole form stamped.  Then I had to hand it in and it took them 45 minutes to do all that.

I bought some food from Bình’s Bakery.  Then I met Keith and Shawn and we took off to my house to get some CDs.  Then we headed to Keith’s house.

Keith Flings Piss At Me

Hudson came over shortly after that.

Me and Shawn were outside because I had mixed a bottle of piss (that Rodney had put in there from his worm to make people think it is aftershave) with his real After Shave.  Keith saw me do it, so he was trying to flick piss on me.  I thought it was over, so I came in the house and opened the door, when Keith flung it at my face and it landed on my face.

I got angry and hit one of the windows at Keith’s house and he said “No!”  I done it again and that time I broke the window.  I kind of wanted to break it but I didn’t want to.

When I broke it I was using it to my advantage and being hard.  Keith said his famous “What did you do that for” line.  I said “Cause you flung piss at me” and that’s about it.

I kind of felt slack for being hard but now I know where I stand.

When I hit the window I (anatomically speaking) cut the skin on the Antero-Supero side of the hand.  My right hand was cut on two major points being the Proximal Phalanx of the Digitus Medius, and the Middle Phalanx of the Minimus where it was the most affected.

Keith didn’t really worry about it and everyone was laughing after that – including me and Keith – so no harm done.  He will get it fixed free of charge because the Housing Commission will do it for him.

After that I got a lift home with Shawn.

Tino Wants To Bash Rory

Once home I played the computer for a while.

Tino and Keith rang me up a short while ago and asked me if I could do him a favor.  The favor was to ring up Rory and see if he got onto Lavita.  If he did then Rory was going to get hit by Tino and I would have backed him up.  I still have to ring him and I will get an answer from him.

Looking Ahead

I feel like reading some Anatomy now.  I am going to go to Campbelltown library tomorrow if I remember, and try to find a Kinesiology book to read.

When I get my money tomorrow I am going to do all the stuff I said.  I am going to start going to the gym come Monday.  I can get food for that day and workout at the same time.

Now the pages are going to get longer on this Diary and that’s good because I like detail and I like training.

I might be going out a little bit later with Keith and all that after a while.

It’s 5:15 pm now and I am about to sign off and study.

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