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Mad Chaos: Sunday, June 23, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Kentlyn Lookout Hangout

Last night was a long all-nighter again.

It started off with Keith picking me and Imad up.

Rory and Palmer also came.  We all met at Kentlyn – the attraction of the year for Teenyboppers.

There were quite a lot of people there and some other people from Rory’s party who were straight-head looking.  There was Astor’s car, Keith’s, Ned’s, Aubree’s, Rory’s and the other dude’s car.

Talk With Tarina

I was happy that Tarina was already down there.

I went up to her and talked to her for a while.

I then done the cool thing and sat down with the fellas for a while to give her some time.

Beside The Fire With Tarina

The fire was also nice and high.

About 30 minutes into the night, Tarina came and sat on the log next to the fire.  I took the opportunity and sat next to Astor, who was sitting next to her.

Astor moved after a while.  Then I got Tarina to sit next to me.

Me and Tarina were sitting really close and talking to each other with a bit of intimacy.  Like natural we got talking about our lives.  I was happy now.  I was still sick so I couldn’t talk very loud or act normally.

Imad Consoles Carey

Imad was sitting next to me and next to him was Carey.  Imad was talking to Carey because she was crying.  Carey leaves on Tuesday.  Last night was the last night I would see her…  Cya!

Janice Cries Because Boys Chase Her

Then I got up to see what was going on with Janice because she was crying.  It turns out one of the loners that turned up from Rory’s party liked Janice a lot and he kept following her everywhere.

Janice pretended she was going out with Rory and she was sitting on his lap, crying.  I knew the situation and I went up to the boys and told them to stay away from Janice for a while and give her some space.  They listened and they backed off for a while.  I didn’t get a thanks but I didn’t need one because I sat back with Tarina and continued talking to her for a while.

Drive To McDonalds

It was at least 11:00 p.m. when we all started heading off to McDonalds.  I got in with Keith’s car with Carey.  We drove around for a while then went to Woodbine McDonalds.

Shawn Flings Nuggets

Shawn got the shits because everyone was eating his nuggets, so he picked one up and pegged it at Baker.  He flicked sauce at Keith and then came out.  The security guard had something to say to him so I went and had a talk to the security guard.  Nothing much said, just that I look after my boys.

I then went inside where Tarina was trying to play hard to get.  At first I sat at another desk with all the boys.  When Samantha moved I sat next to Celeste one away from Tarina.

Raby Lookout

We all got up and then went to Raby lookout where we stayed for a while.

We met Terrence at McDonalds who was going out with Ingrid Sefton.

Tarina ended up getting a lesson around the block with Astor’s car.

Drive To Sydney

Except for Aubree, Tarina, Celeste, Palmer, Rory, Astor, Brodie, Terrence and me, everyone else left.

We decided to go to Sydney via Canterbury road.

Tarina Sits Beside Me In Car

Tarina wanted me to go in her car badly and she suggested that me, her and Celeste get in the back and Aubree and Rory in the front.

Well, Rory said that the car didn’t fit 3 people in the back, so I got out and got in the other car.  Tarina must have really wanted me in her car, because Celeste got out of the back and Aubree was in on it too.  Celeste got out and got in the other car and I done a swap with her and was in the back with Tarina while Aubree was in the front with Rory.

Palmer, Brodie, Celeste, Astor and Terrence were in the other car.  We headed off and we didn’t have mobile connection.  Well… we did, but both mobile phones were low on battery, so if we lost each other then we were on our own.

Tarina Flirts

Tarina had her legs across the back facing me.  For most of the ride she was directly facing me with her body.  Body Language.  I had my leg across hers all the way through the ride.  She took them off once halfway through the night.  I asked her to put her legs across so she wouldn’t be uncomfortable.  I must have taken my legs off her because she said, “You can put your legs back on mine if you want,” which was not really a surprise to me because I know she likes me.

Passing Canterbury Road

We went past Canterbury road and yelled abuse at the hookers but I didn’t because I had a sore throat and a cold.  Everyone except for Tarina were coughing in the car and Rory was coughing like an old man.

Rory was also singing to the songs on the radio.  He sounded shit, and we were all laughing at him behind his back.

Into King’s Cross

We went to King’s Cross after that and looked at the scene, and more hookers.  We circled around Sydney for about one or so hours.  It rained, so we couldn’t get out of the car.

Tarina Sleeps On My Shoulder

When coming back home from the city, I saw Tarina was getting tired.  She was probably thinking in her head, “I wish Tony would come and cuddle me.”  I was thinking the same thing myself, so as soon as I saw her dozing off, I moved next to her and asked her to sleep on my shoulder.  That made me feel good, and I bet she was happy.

Aubree looked around a bit later.  She looked at me and gave me a smile.  A few minutes later I rested my head on Tarina’s head, and I went to sleep also.  I thought I would hug her or something so I put my hand on her leg.  She didn’t seem to mind it.  It stayed there for most of the night too.

Campbelltown McDonalds

We got back to Campbelltown and guess where we went… Campbelltown McDonalds.

I went to the toilets.

When I came back, Celeste and Palmer were back in their cars.

Astor was supposed to have gone off at Rory for not waiting for him, because he only had 3 hours of sleep before he had to go to work.  He would be sleeping at Brodie’s house tonight.

I slept, cramped up in the back of Rory’s car for about an hour until we took off home.  Aubree had already left about 15 minutes before us.

I got home at 7:30 am in the morning.

Go To Brodie’s House

Once home and I went to sleep for 6 hours until 1:00 pm.

When I got up at 1 pm I ate sandwiches.  Then Brodie woke me up.  I went over to his house.

We were sitting with his sister in his house contemplating what we were going to do for the rest of the day.  I thought we should go visit Tarina and Celeste so we went off on our trek.

Tarina’s House

We got to Tarina’s house in Bradbury.  We met her mum, who said she went to Betty’s house.  We asked her mom to pass the message on.  She did.

Celeste’s House

When we got to Celeste’s house Tarina called on the phone and asked if we came over her house and to see if I was picking her up at 4:00 pm tomorrow for gym.  I’m going to go a bit before that so she doesn’t expect me.  I can also spend some time in her house.

We talked to Celeste for a while.   We went in her house and looked at some photos of her and all the other girls in the group.  I saw two beautiful pictures.  There was one of Tarina by herself, normal head shot of her smiling with her hair down.  The other was professionally done with 8 girls in it posing.  4 of them were Tarina, Janice, Celeste and Aubree.

Janice looked sexy with her gloves and her hair, Aubree looked sexier with the twist of her hair going into her face and that “oh so beautiful” smile, while Celeste looked gorgeous with her complexion and her fragrance that shined through.  Then there was Tarina, who just looked sexy in her red dress standing above all of them and standing out with her beautiful looks and a smile that would knock you out.

I really like her personality and the way she treats life and the way she plays by the rules.  I see us going together and for a while at that.

After we were finished at Celeste’s house, Shawn and Bình came in Shawn’s car and we got picked up.  I came home.

Tatton Comes Over

I was tired.  Then Tatton rang me wanting to come over, so I let him.  As usual, we played the computer for the duration and then he left.

Brother Asks About My Life

When Tatton left, I went upstairs to get a towel to have a shower.

I had a talk with my brother about going out on bike rides again.  He asked me what I do when I go out.  I told him the truth and the truth sounded pretty sick.

The things that I do right now are pretty sick and I’m going to be doing them for some time to come.

Planning Ahead

Imad might be sleeping over tonight so I’m going to have to stay up till about 2:00 am until he gets here, but I am sleepy now and want to go to sleep.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for me.

I have to go to Airds High School with Imad and help Imad settle a score with Lành.  Imad wants to bash him because he pushed Berenice Valarie when she was fighting with Lành’s girl.  So me and Imad are going down to do the deed.

I then have to go and have my normal workout and have something to eat.

After that around 4:00 pm I have to get Tarina and Betty and go to Olympus Gym.  They are going to work out with me.  Tarina wants me to be her training instructor, and I’m not going to have a problem with that.

After that, I might be going out with the Fellas.

Tarina is at work right now at Airds video shop, the one that was at Bradbury but moved out because of high rent.

I am going to clean my room just in case Tarina comes up to my house tomorrow which she probably won’t, but just in case.

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