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Mad Chaos: Saturday, June 22, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

I don’t think I will go to the gym today because my day was too stressful, and I have worked out 2 days straight.

Bike Ride With Brother

Today was another leg workout.  I’ll say that my legs are completely fucked up now.

I got up at 10:00 am for that bike ride I was talking about.  For breakfast, I had a bowl of Fruit Loops.  My brother and I left half an hour later.

Ride Bikes Up Razorback Mountain

We went to where we said we were going.  The Whole ride was 65 Km in distance and took less than 3 hours to complete.  It was a lot of uphill and we went up Razorback which was a 4 Km uphill.

There were some good times, like when we got to the Dam and we rode downhill 1 Km clocking over 65 Km.  My legs started to ache really bad 30 minutes before we finished, and my Vastus Medialis was aching under the pressure.

My brother got a flat tire about 5 Km from home.  I went home while he fixed his tire and was back on the road in no time.

That was actually the best ride that I have been on so far.  We might do it again soon because we both want to do it for our own reasons.

Rest At Home

When I got home I had a fridge full of food to eat.

As soon as I had eaten I went to sleep for about half an hour.  It felt pretty good.

Tatton Comes Over

Tatton was just over and we were playing Syndicate.  I let him borrow my Gravediggaz and Bone Thugs tapes.  He just left a short while ago leaving me to write this diary entry.

Mom Has Another Episode

My mum’s complaining now because I let friends into the house.  She thinks she’s always right and she’s such a big woman because she owns the house and she works for the government.  Oh that’s right, one of her “own little world” things.

Planning Ahead

I’m going to have a good time tonight because Tarina is going to be out and I’m going to spend most – if not all – of my time with her.

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