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Mad Chaos: Saturday, June 15, 1996

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Diary Of A Mad Chaos

This last night has been the most full, most challenging and most sick in a very long time.  Last night was Noah’s party, well this night because I just pulled off an all-nighter.

Interrogate Rory

The day started off with me getting up because Keith wanted me to drive his mum’s car home, so I said yeah.

Keith then rang me back and asked if I could ring Rory and find out if he got onto Lavita.

I rang Rory and I questioned him about tonight and he said to me that he only got onto Mindy and Aubree.  He seems to be going out with Aubree now.  I almost fucked him up tonight.

Drive Keith’s Mom’s Car

I went for a drive after that with Keith to the car place and they had to fix it still (the usual story).  So we went driving around Campbelltown.

Then I got dropped home.

Bike Ride To Campbelltown

I rode my bike to Campbelltown and went to pick up a Kinesiology book from Campbelltown Library.

Visit Pizza Hut

I then rode to the back of Pizza Hut where Ned is now working.  I saw Keith and he was on his way out.

Just as I was about to leave, William showed up in his car.  Rory and Palmer were there, so William wanted to go home and do some stuff.

Preparing At Home

I rode the bike home and got dressed up for tonight.  I put on a lot of deodorant and my dance shit.

My brother bought some more weights today.  He was showing me while I was still here.  I had a discussion with my brother.

Pizza Hut Deliveries

William came to pick me up a bit after that.

On the drive to the back of Pizza Hut, William told me that when he was in McDonalds with Rory and all the girls, he overheard Janice talking to Tarina.  She said “Why don’t you just go out with him?”  Tarina said, “He’s good to get onto but I wouldn’t go out with him.”  The conversation was about me.

William and I were on a few deliveries.  Then Imad turned up.  Soon Brodie, Celeste, Aubree, Harley, Janice and Tarina also showed up.

Now this is where the fun started.

Brodie Confides Rory Talked Shit About Me

Brodie came down to the car and told me, “Listen Tony, I don’t think you want to know this and I don’t think I should be telling you this but Rory said to Tarina that all you want to do with her is get her to suck your dick.”  As soon as I heard that I started going schizophrenic.

I asked him how he got that information and he told me not to tell anyone but he got it from Celeste (and she wouldn’t lie because she’s not that type of person) and Celeste got it from Tarina.  I said “Alright, I know I didn’t say that, so get Tarina down here and I’ll tell her the truth.”

Tarina Refuses To Talk To Me

Brodie went up and had a talk to Tarina.  Then Imad came down and told me she doesn’t even want to bother to come down and talk to me.

That really pissed me off because I knew then that Rory must have said some pretty bad stuff about me to get her to hate me so much.  I know too when it happened as well.

I was reminded of the chat between Janice and Tarina in McDonalds.  I could imagine the next sentence would have been by Rory saying “Tarina, don’t worry about Tony, all he wants to do is get a blow-job off you.”

That’s how tonight’s fight started.

Face Off With Rory

I was really pissed off that she wouldn’t talk to me while Rory was out on a delivery.  So as soon as he got back, I was in the car thinking to myself “What should I do?”  My instinct told me to get out of the car and go smack him out, so, I did get out.

I marched over to his car and Brodie and all the girls could see me marching over.  I marched over to him and as soon as he saw me you could see the panic in his eyes.  I walked up and said, “What did you say to Tarina?”   As soon as I said that, I went and pushed him in the chest onto a wall in the bay of Pizza Hut.

I was ready to hit him.  I threw my hat off my head.  I was going sick in his face and I was stressed and pissed off.  Just as I was about to punch him Brodie got in-between us and Palmer got in-between us too.  I was edging towards him and I told Brodie “Let me go fella, I just want to go get my hat,” and he said “Don’t worry, I’ll get it for you.”  Imad was there backing me up too and he was in Palmer’s face.

There were about ten people in the bay stopping us.  I then walked away and got in William’s car.  Rory pissed off after that to the party I think.

Janice Calms The Confrontation Down

Janice came down and talked to me after he left and she said, “You shouldn’t hit him”, and congratulated him for stepping up.  She had an argument with Imad because he said he wanted to hit him and Palmer tonight, and Janice didn’t want anything to happen tonight because of Noah’s birthday.  After a half-hour discussion, we pissed her off.  I thought I wasn’t going to start on him.  How little I know myself.

A while after that I found out that Tarina was going to come down and tell me off but Brodie told her that I wouldn’t say anything like that because he knows me, and that Rory would lie to get sympathy, and it worked.

She didn’t come down but she thought that it was all her fault.  It wasn’t really her fault, It was Rory’s for saying it in the first place and spreading rumors that weren’t true.

I knew that Rory had wrecked having any chances with Tarina, and that in turn would wreck the night I was going to have and that’s what made me decide to go him again.

Drive Home To Pick Up Knife

I went home to strap the knife on me just in case.  Imad went to Dina’s house to tell her not to come because there is going to be a blue.

Noah’s Party

We got to the party about 10:00 pm

As soon as I got in the door, I saw all the chicks were hanging off Rory.  That pissed me off heaps but I just kept on walking.

Tonight I knew who my real friends were and who had my back.  I was outside for most of the time before the first fight started, just talking to everyone and seeing who would back me up.  I know Imad had my back all the way, and William was there to bash Palmer but, to put it in a nice way, he didn’t back us up.  Brodie would have backed us up because me and him have bonded and we are now sick cunts.  Wilfrid was with us all the way too because he’s a sick cunt.

When I make friends I make them easy because I am easy to get along with.  People like my attitude and they think I am a sick cunt.

Drive With William

Anyway Imad, William and I went for some drives.

Palmer Offers Peace

When we came back to the house and walked in, Palmer came up to me and extended his hand out in an attempt to shake my hand.  I was thinking about it but then I knew he was an enemy and a “Love Myself” kind of person, so I said, “I’m not going to shake your hand.”  He kept wanting to shake my hand, and I kept saying no.  Then I got in his face and told him, “Listen (getting louder) back off now because you’re creating a problem alright.  I don’t want you in my face and I don’t want to fucken shake your hand so fuck off!”

I was really pissed off now and he was trying to get out of a fight by saying the old “Look man we’re all friends here alright,” line.  By this time Imad was also in his face.  By now, we had a gathering of people.  People could see I was going to get violent and someone came and split us up.  They just told me to cool it.  After that it was a bit hard to cool it.

I went outside and talked to Wilfrid because he had a cold.  I got him an orange and he ate a full lemon.

By now, Tarina started to believe me.  I didn’t know this at the time.  I even had a chance of talking to her out the back after “The Second Fight”.

Second Drive With William

Imad, William and I went for another ride.  This time we were talking in the car and contemplating what we were going to do.  William just wanted to stop Palmer getting onto Harley because he still likes her.  Imad just wanted to rumble, like me.

We went back, through the front door and I just went on a mission from there.

The Second Confrontation

Rory was sitting on the couches with Aubree and Harley and Palmer and all those who are on his side.  It’s a shame that Aubree is on his side and seeing him.  If she only knew what he was like.

I didn’t want to hit him for what he said to Tarina.  I wanted to hit him for what he said to Tarina and all the back-stabbing he has done to my friends.

I went up and pointed to him and said to him “Rory come with me man,” and the stupid goat got up.  I pointed straight to Palmer and I said to him “You stay here and don’t get up.”

I walked Rory out to the front and didn’t lay one hand on him.  I then started screaming at him asking him why he said what he said to Tarina.  He was scared-as by now.  Imad was at my back right now.

Then Palmer decided to be a hero and come out.  I went up to Palmer and said to him, “Why’d you come out for when I told you not to come out?”  His excuse was he was coming to get something out of the car.

Rory was scurried away now hiding in the house somewhere trying to get some sympathy.

Scuffle With Palmer

I let Palmer go to the car.  As he was coming back, I brushed my shoulder on his and shoved him saying, “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”  I got in his face again.

I was all over Palmer and then Imad came and took over.  Imad was getting ready to hit him.  I got back in the action.  Imad and I were shoulder on shoulder with each other eyeballing Palmer.

Imad went sick now and then Keith came out and got in between them, followed by a big group.  Imad said, “Why you getting in the way this is not your affair?”  Keith told him not to do anything and it would ruin Noah’s party.

Imad fully snapped and went sick at Keith, and Keith was going sick back.  They were screaming at each other and I was trying to break them up telling Imad not to fight with friends because he would regret it tomorrow.

Take A Walk To Cool Down

Me and Imad went for a walk down the street and then back up the street where we saw Simon’s dad.  Simon a bit before that got the jeep and came up the street to hear the goss.

We walked back into the party after we cooled down.  I knew then that I was definitely going to have a shit night.

I found out that Palmer and Rory were still scared of me.  When I went in they would either sit down or be uneasy when they danced, but as soon as I got up to dance then Rory sat his ass straight down.

I stood there laughing at them but then I saw that Tarina wasn’t getting up either and she was sad, so I was really pissed off.

Her sad face caused me to go out the back and sat with Ralf and his brothers and Brodie.

The Stripper

Soon a stripper came.  There was a stripper there and I shouted $20 for her because she was worth $200.  She was a blonde with a baby face and she was 18 years old with a blonde muff and nice titties and a nice face.

She came out as a maid and her skirt was very tight on her and every time she bent over, I could see her ass.  She didn’t really do much that I haven’t seen before.  She stripped and she poured oil on herself and on Noah.  Then she spanked him and straddled on top of him and started humping and shit.

She lasted ten minutes and all the girls were looking at her.  When she took all her clothes off Tarina closed her eyes.  It was all getting taped and I was going off by now.

Backyard With Ralf

Imad went home a bit after that.

Imad said something to Tarina for me and she came out into the backyard and sat with us.  She sat there for a while.

I couldn’t face Tarina and I never got any eye contact with her.  I heard though that she understood and I might have a chance with her because I stood up for her and myself.

I was going to say something to her to cheer her up but then more people started rolling up and I didn’t have a chance to say something to her.

Celeste and Janice and Tarina left a bit after that.  I didn’t get to say goodbye to her but I know that she’s not angry at me.

Shortly after that Rory and Palmer went home and I bet that they had a thing or two to say to each other.

The Party Dies Down

At the end, when everyone was going home, I got in Keith’s car and we went to get McDonalds on him.  Then he dropped me back there and he went home.

I went back in to the party but all of them were going home too.

Ralf` had left, so it was me, William, Brodie, Ned and Shawn.

Noah Cuts The Cakes

Noah’s cake was 2 cakes.  One of them was of a woman’s muff and big titties and for her muff it was a Twinkie for her clit.  When Noah was cutting it I told him to stick his finger in it and he did.  I had the camera and I was filming for a while at the end of the night. and Bình and Brodie done a brown eye for the camera and I got close ups of them both.

When we dropped off Ned and Shawn, us three went for an all-nighter.

Bane Smacks William

We went down Campbelltown for a while and we were screaming out of the car to a taxi.  Then we screamed at Chevy’s when it was closing.  We met up with Bane from the old gang IYF gang.  We met him when Brodie was yelling abuse to him.

It was a red light and he came up to the car.  I locked the door because I didn’t know who it was.  Then he went and smacked William in the head and gave him a bleeding nose, but nothing serious.

I yelled out to him and as we were going he saw me in the back of the car and said, “Oh shit, hi Tony.”

Funny enough.  I told William to go back so we could get him to apologize to us.  We stopped off and I got up and gave him a handshake and gave him a hommie hug.  I made him apologize.  Well I didn’t make him.  He was just sorry.

I had done a lot of handshaking today with all the group.  I must have shaken all the male hands at the party except for Rory’s and Palmer’s.

Bane Is Good Trouble

We picked up Bane and his friend whose nickname is “Nipper” who was pissed-as.  We parked the car and went for a walk down to Chevy’s.

This is where all the extra fun started.

Bane is a fucken solid cunt and will go ANYONE that starts him because he doesn’t care if he wins or loses.  He just cares about what he believes in.

We met some people down there including a person who knew me through my brother.

Then as we were crossing the road, someone bumped into Brodie and he said he knew Nipper and shook his hand.  Then when Brodie went to shake his hand he didn’t shake it.  Me and Bane were heaps pissed off at that.  I showed Bane my piece but, even before I showed it to him he was yelling at the guy saying he’s got a bad attitude and he was going to go him.

One of the guy’s friends was getting all hard and they were holding him back and shit as if he was going to come and belt us.  We didn’t even have to hold back Bane.  He was standing there saying to me, “Look.  Do you see my hands shaking?  Come on and go me.  You think you own Campbelltown or something?”

They wanted to go to the back of Pizza Hut where they would fight us.  We were going there but the pussies stayed put.

William was probably peaking by now and Brodie was a little startled, but I grew up with this guy being like this, and I knew if we got into trouble I would back him up and he would back us up.

Bane Starts More Fights

We went up the road a bit and Bane threw a rock at a building and it landed next to these two 25 year old cunts.  One of them said, “Who done that?”  Bane said “Yeah me, What are you going to do?”  Be warned, before he met up with us, he already got into two fights; one who he chased a guy into the cop shop, and the other with the two bosses at the back of Pizza Hut whose asses he kicked.

Bane went and pushed the two guys and they didn’t do anything.  One was standing ground but he looked like he was going to cry more than punch him back.

Picking Up Chicks

After that William got in the car and met us up the street where I was trying to get onto these nice ladies who were about 25 and it was really working until we had to go.

There were two nice sheilas there and one of them was an older version of Kathryn Carter.  I had a plan worked out to get her but I was called in the car.  I got all of their names and I got in.

Drive To Curran’s Hill

William drove them to Curran’s Hill where they dropped off at a guy’s house who owned a Toyota Supra Celica with the bodywork out, manual and in white.  It was sick and I gawked at it for a while.  But the guys couldn’t get into the house so I called them back to the car.

We went back to Campbelltown and done some more shit before we dropped them off at their homes.

Woodbine McDonald’s

We then went to McDonalds at Woodbine where we got out and bought some food at 4:00 am.  A girl was in there who I was trying to chat up.  It was working until the plan was foiled because 3 big mother fucker Maories wanted food, and we were getting it from the drive through.

We got back in the car and had a 1-hour discussion and then we all went home.

Return Home From All-Nighter

I am fucked right now because it is 6:32 am in the morning.  I need some sleep.  I am about to drift off now.  I must have written about 7 pages.

One more thing,

When I wake up the first things I am going to do today is go and punch Rory in the mouth.  Then I am going to try and make up with Tarina and try to get some sympathy from her because I might be able to.  I do really like her now and I have proved that if anyone talks shit about me and I hear about it, then I am going to react.

I would never have reacted like that were it Natasha because it isn’t the same feeling with her.  I wouldn’t think of doing something like that to Tarina because she is not that kind of person, and I wouldn’t dream of asking her that ever.  If she likes that… fine with me.  I would rather go out and have a relationship with her now than just getting onto her.

It’s the same when I was with Kathryn.  We didn’t have very much time to get to know each other but in the short time we did know each other (4 or so days of going out) we did find out a very lot about each other and we did have a passionate night, and that’s why I feel deeply for her still.  I’ve actually been putting off writing to her for a while.

I might see Nina  one day and see how she is doing.  But for now I am going to go to sleep at 6:38 am in the morning.

That was a good all-nighter, if I do say so myself.


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