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Mad Chaos: Monday, June 17, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Shawn Using My Timing Light

I got up today around 11:30 am because Keith was beeping out the front with Shawn in Shawn’s car.  Shawn wanted to borrow my timing light.  We timed his car and then I went in, had something to eat and then I went shopping and bought shit.

Driving Instructor Booked

I rang up some Driving Instructor places and I got one bargained down for a drive.  They charge $26 for an hour but I bargained with him and it’s now $25 for an hour in two days on Wednesday at 12:00 pm.  He also said I might get 2 hours or more because it’s not so busy around then, so I might get more time.  He really wanted my business I guess because he really was hanging on there.

Tatton just rang me up seeing if I wanted to go over his joint for a while.  I can’t because I’m going to the gym.  I invited him out tonight if there is going to be something going on.

Gym Preparation

Today is the day that I go to the gym.  I am going in about 10 minutes.  I just have to work out a program for today and then I’m cheering.  I’ve had my Vitamin C’s and my Multivitamin and I’m ready for my workout.

What I am going to do today is my Abs for sure and my Chest and Biceps.  I should be finished in 1 hour.  When I get home I’m going to munch on some Carbohydrates and swill down some Proteins and Amino Acids.  Then I am going to go out and see what everyone else is doing.

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