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Mad Chaos: Friday, June 21, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

The Day In Bits

Getting up at 10:00 am has never been so easy, but it wasn’t that hard either.

I got up after a good night’s sleep of 7 hours.

I was still fucked up by the flu.  Yesterday I weighed 69 kilos but today I barely edged 68 kilos.  This flu is fucking me up severely and it has to stop soon.

I went to have a shower.  Lovely shower too.

I was still mentally stable, so I played the piano reciting the Phantom of the Opera for 2 hours.

After that I read a little anatomy.

Then I ate.

I was then ready to go out to the gym at 3:00 pm.

The Issues Mom Has

The school was coming out and I saw my mom coming from the shops (after the whole family laughed at her).  This time she thought Princess Diana was a tramp, and she Princess Diana was taking all our money.  Mom said she sent a letter 5 years ago and it stopped it all.  Pretty fucked.

Gym Routine

exerciseAnyway, this is my training regimen for today.

Warm-up: Consisted of 3 minutes and losing 20 calories.  That’s only 2 grams of fat or 5 grams of carbohydrates or protein.

I went and got a sport drink after that and went to do my Shoulders.

Deltoid: For my first 3 sets I started on Seated Machine Lateral Raises.  I started with 50 pounds and done 12 reps quite easily.  I done stretching for all sides of my shoulder and then I went and got into my next set which I used 70 pounds for 12 more reps.  This second set was pretty hard so I put the weight down to 40 pounds and done 12 more reps.

My next 3 sets were with Dumbbell Overhead Press.  Starting with warm-up 20 pound dumbbells and doing 15 reps.  I then put it up to 30 pounds and done 10 more reps.  I raised it once more and this time I done 35 pound Dumbbells and done 10 reps.  I was pretty fatigued after this set.  I felt like I shouldn’t stress too much today so I didn’t at all.

Next on the Agenda was the Rear Deltoid Machine.  I popped it up to 40 pounds and done 12 reps with the weight.  I tried to put it up to 70 pounds but I didn’t get much out of it so I put it down to 60 pounds and done 10 more reps.  My last set was around 40 pounds and I done 10 more reps.

Front Arm Raises were last on the agenda and I started with 15 pound Dumbbells doing 12 reps.  I raised it to 20 pound dumbbells and done 2 more sets of 10 reps.  I need a new plan for the Shoulders because it went stale long ago.

The same with my Leg Programs, they are always the same.

Calves: Nothing special, just the usual setup.

I started with Standing Calve Raises and started with 130 pounds and done 15 reps.  My next 2 sets were with 160 pounds and I done 15 reps for each and also, I pronated my legs outwards, turning my toes out and then in so I could work the outer part of the Gastrocnemius.

Now I was ready for Seated Calve Raises.  I actually went pretty high on this because it was in my head to do so.  I started with 20 pounds and done 15 reps.  Moving on to 40 pound I done 15 more reps.  Now I put it up to 80 pounds and done 12 more reps.  I don’t know if I done that before but I think I have.  I imagined my Gastrocnemius working when I was doing my last set and it worked.

My last 3 sets were on the Donkey Calve Raises and I started with 180 pounds doing 15 reps.  I put the weight up to 220 pounds and done 15 more reps.  This machine sure makes me work and shake.  I put the weight up to 240 pounds and just done 15 more reps.

I didn’t really break a sweat for this session and it took me 45 minutes.

Warm-down: I done 2.5 minutes on the bike and burnt off 10 calories.

Planning Ahead

I hope I see Tarina tonight because frankly, I want to see her, simple as that.

I still have to eat my mashed potatoes that I mashed, as well as my 2 pieces of beef and my milkshake.  I then am going to have a shower, then see what is going on tonight.


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