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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, May 28, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Tonight was a night of Mayhem for us all.   Although I didn’t do anything last night, I more than made up for it tonight.

Macarthur Square with Keith

Today Keith came over my house at 10:00 am.  We went to Macarthur Square again to buy shit.  When I got dropped off at my house later, I had something to eat and then slept for 3 hours.

Writing Piano Music

I got dropped off so I could finish off the music I was writing last night but sleep happened instead.  I played the piano a bit after I woke up but I didn’t carry on with the song I was writing.  I might do that tonight but only if I feel up to it, but I’d better do it quick before I forget what my thoughts were on the music.

Yep, it’s settled, I am going to do the music when I’m done this.

Cruising With Keith

I rang Keith shortly after my sleep and I went down to Pizza Hut with him.  At about 8:30 pm we went out looking for something to do.  At first we went to a new lookout at St. Andrews but it was shit.

Bin Bash Runs

So, we decided to cruise for a while and we ended up doing stuff I used to do.  Things like, going next to a bin in the car and then holding onto it while you speed up in the car and then letting go of the bin going around 80 Km/h.  I myself done it around 4 times and each time it was a classic.

I let one go into a car in Bottlebrush just going around the corner.

I let one go on the corner of Hoddle Avenue and Jacaranda Avenue and it hit the island on the side of the road and bent the sign around.   We hit it around 70 Km/h and rubbish came flying out everywhere onto the road and the bin split from the lid.

I threw another one in Bradbury somewhere and it hit the side of the road and it flew up into the air and done a 360­ flip in the air and then landed about 10 meters from William’s car.

Tonight was pretty sick but it would have been better if it lasted longer and if there were more people because, there were only two cars with Ned, Shawn, Astor and me in one car, then Keith, Janice, Imad and William in the other car.

Bình was going to meet us at the back of Pizza Hut but he didn’t turn up so we all went home.

Short-Term Goals

Only two more weeks till I start to get paid again and with my first payment I am going to get a fortnightly pass to the gym and pay off the fine I got for riding without a helmet.  I’m also going to take this bike ride to the city soon.

Meal Plan

I had only three meals today and that would not have been enough to get protein into my system enough to feed my muscles.   I still kind of hurt from my stretches and my quads still hurt from riding to the tollgates in Liverpool and back and the other bike rides in between.

Planning Ahead

I want to have a good workout tomorrow for my Biceps, Chest, Abs and, also do stretches and ride the bike along the highway towards Menangle and on.  Who knows where it will lead but my dibs are that it will take me to Wollongong and back.  Either way, it is a good ride so I might consider doing it.

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