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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, May 8, 1996

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Tonight was a nice relaxing sort of night where I rode the bike a lot and had some fun.

C.E.S Job Search

Today I went to the C.E.S and I made a Job Search and found two and looked them up.   One was for me to bring in my résumé, while the other was for me to ring because it was busy.  I might ring tomorrow because it requires me to use Wordperfect 5.1 and I am very good at that.

Search for Imad

After that, I rode around Campbelltown looking for Imad because he called my house to see if I was home.  He came looking for me down Campbelltown.

At Campbelltown I saw Keith and Carey and Noah walking around, so I left and went to Pizza hut where Rory was at 2:00 pm in the day.  I saw a Celica 1988 and it was a manual.  I saw something on the steering wheel saying “Accel.  Speed and Decel.  Speed” which could mean cruise control on manuals.  Keith and Imad don’t seem to think that you can get that on manuals so if I see it again with them there, I’ll chop them.

Imad stayed at Jackie’s house for a while today and I found out that Lily’s brother likes Dina.  Imad left when he came at 9:00 pm.  When me and Keith went to check out if he was there I saw Dina and Lily’s brother in his car.  They were there at midnight and she probably had to go to school the next day.  I’m not going to stick my nose into his affairs and I’ll just let it slide for a while so Imad can feel satisfied.

Pizza Hut Cruises

We were going to do something tonight but we ended up just bumming around at the back of Pizza Hut and then down McDonalds.

Drove a 1978 Celica

Today I got to ride in a 1978 Celica and it was pretty smooth a ride, considering its shabby appearance.   It was hand painted red and it belongs to a guy that works at Pizza Hut that came out with us last time when the van broke down.

I can’t wait to get back into the gym because I have an urge to train again, and I feel that I NEED a job because then I will be fully funded by my work.   If I get this job tomorrow that I ring for then I will be happy for myself, otherwise, it’s back to the C.E.S.

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