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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, May 29, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today was a pretty hectic day and I liked it because it turned out pretty good.

Telephone Calls While Asleep

It started off with me waking up from a call from Imad at about 10:30 am in the morning asking for Keith.  I went back to sleep.  Jett rang me just before I woke up and told me that One FM 96.1 was going to be at Bradbury Oval.

Well that they were…

One FM Publicity

I woke up around the 12:00 pm mark and rang Keith.  I went down to meet him at Bradbury Oval and saw Keith down there with Noah.  I didn’t get anything from the One FM stand and neither did Keith or Noah.

Binh’s Bakery Shop

After that we went to Bình’s shop and I saw Natasha out the front of the shop.  I had a little talk to her meaning, we are still talking (even though there is no reason why we shouldn’t).

Talk To Natasha

I don’t know why but everyone makes her out to be ugly when she is pretty nice.  The only bad thing about her is she’s a bit chubby and her personality is pretty shit when she is drunk.   She is a good turn on I have to admit.   Not as good as Kathryn though because Kathryn turned me on no matter what.

Kathryn was so slim and beautiful it was hard for me not to get turned on, especially when she wiggles on my dick like she did.

Purchase Goulburn Road Map

After I saw Keith I got his NRMA card and went and got a road map going towards Goulburn.   Shortly after that I went home had something to drink.

Bike Ride To Bargo

exerciseI was off at 2:00 pm on my trek to Bargo.  It took me around 3 hours to get there and back but I did not push myself much and I stopped at the Mobil station.   It was all uphill there and all downhill on the way back.  The roads weren’t so good to ride on so that’s one of the reasons why I took three hours.  The other reason was because it was my first time down that way on the M5 Motorway.

That ride was around the 60Km mark or so, but I am not sure just yet, although I think I actually travelled about 70 Km or more.

Binh’s Bakery Shop

When I came back to Campbelltown I rang Keith.  He met me at Binh’s shop, and lent me some money to get a bight to eat.

I went home after that and I had a big feed and I read the newspaper.

Job Search for Clerical Position

Now the good news, I was looking through the paper’s Positions Vacant and I saw one in Campbelltown.  It had a Mobile number so I thought I’d call it.  After all, it is for Wordperfect 5.1 and it is clerical.  That’s what I am trained for and what I want to do.  So, I called the number and the guy seemed to want a guy there instead of a girl, he said because girls are unpredictable.  So, bonus to me.

He also seemed to like my Typing speed and my knowledge so he put me in to see him tomorrow at 9:30 am in the morning ahead of the 4 appointments he has already.  So, that’s a good sign that I will get the job.

The job is so close and so much what I want, that if I get it, then I have a good chance to stay on the job for a very long time.  I will put on my best wear and shock him with my Resume.

The only thing I do not have is previous job experience with this type of work, but I am good, a fast learner and, I can type fast and all that.

Short-Term Goals

If I do get the job, I will be able to fix up my bike to the standards I want and I will be able to buy new speakers and upgrade my system.  I can also put money into shares quicker.  Also, I will be able to buy my Celica sooner.

  • Fix bike
  • Buy speakers
  • Buy shares
  • Buy Celica

Planning Ahead

I’m listening to the new mix done by Keith and Imad.  It is pretty good.  Tomorrow, at 8:00 am I will wake up to the song Love Me Right.

Time to go and practice typing.

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