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Mad Chaos: Wednesday, May 22, 1996

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The Roundabout Nightclub

Keith and Ralf and Wilfrid went to the Roundabout last night.  Shawn gave Wilfrid his ID so he could get in.

Aubree Hangs Out

I went out last night again but, only for a short while.   Aubree was there.  I was hanging around her car for a while.  I gave her a race from Macdonald’s to the back of Pizza Hut and she was winning, but I caught up to her and she won just by about 3 meters because I had to slow down for her.

I think she knows that I like her now but it doesn’t make much difference because she still has a man.   She was looking at me all night last night and she was shy too.

Bike Ride from Campbelltown to Liverpool

gym sessionToday I got up around noon.  Then I had my breakfast followed by a 40 Km ride on my bike.

I followed the Motorway 5 Highway until I got to Moorebank.  It took me about 3 hours altogether but if I was actually going at a fast pace instead of at leisure, I could have done it in 1.5 hours.

Denim At Bradbury

I was talking to Denim today and we saw a guy I hated that used to go to Feelin Fit.   He had a worked yellow V8.  When I went down to the shops, he almost ran me over coming out of the car-park area.  I know he could have avoided an accident so he’s a fucked up prick and he deserves a belting.

Meal Plan

I had a good dietary day today.   I had some Rockmelon and a pancake with Fruit Loops for Breakfast.   I also had some Orange Juice all through the day and just then I ate a can of Ham and Peas, some Brussel Sprouts, a Milkshake and 4 Pieces of Chicken.   I’m going to have all my Vitamins now and do some stretches.

Planning Ahead

I will later call Keith to see what he is doing.

I have an appointment with an Agency tomorrow and I have to get up around 9:00 am, so I have to have an early night.

I’m listening to Gravediggaz now.

After tomorrow I might be considering riding the bike all the way to Sydney or somewhere long and hard.

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