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Mad Chaos: Tuesday, May 7, 1996

The Hidden ASCII Map

_ _ _ ® _ ¤ Ý ¡ ø Ý æ _ _ Ý ` ^ ~ ¨ £ _ + _ ª Ý ­ + « Ý _ Ý ¢ + + + + « +

These are all sick new letters I learnt just then by pressing the alt key and a letter on the keyboard.   I also tried it with the number pad and it came out at the end of all the list.  Now I can type stuff like 40¢ and £40 which means 40 cents and 40 pounds.   Ý _ Ý is pretty sick too, which means I can do meanings and put the Ý _ and Ý at the top like.

For example, copyright has three meanings.  Ý _ is used as an abbreviation for the term Copyright, _ Means a type of photocopier, Ý means the second term was fake and it doesn’t mean jack shit.

Wow!  I haven’t used a paragraph for a while in this text.

Bump into Pari and Osama

Today I woke up around 12 ø’ clock and went shopping with my mum.  While I was down there I saw Pari and Osama and had a little talk with them.

Play Monkey Island II

I came home and had a big ice-cream-and-everything-else-in-it snack.

Then I rang up Rory to see if anything was happening tonight, or should I say last night.   I don’t mind.  I like staying home and just relaxing.  I think it is good.  Besides, I played Monkey Island II and I am going to play it after I finish typing this.

Contemplating Careers

Tomorrow I am going to look for a job in the C.E.S and I am at least going to get one interview.   If I don’t find a career in computers soon I am going to have to find a job as a laborer or something along those lines.

The next interview I go to is one with my hair properly done for the interview and slicked back like I was told by Jennifer at Smalls.

I don’t feel like writing much now because I am tired and I was tired before today so I might have a 2 am night tonight.

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