East vs West

Mad Chaos: Tuesday, May 21, 1996

Hello again.  Here to talk to you again.

Exercise Routine

gym sessionI did a small workout yesterday, 3 sets of Bicep Curls and one set of Upright rows with 40 pounds.   I also did some pushups.

State Of Origin NSW vs Queensland

Last night was State of Origin and Queensland didn’t win.

Play Piano

When the Origin was finished I started to play the Piano.  I did the Back To The Future theme song and wrote it out as a musical score.  I am going to write out the Conan song and make a big song out of all these themes including Tubular Bells.

Keith and Tino Drive Over

Today I woke up at 11:30 a.m. and I had a big feed.  Keith came over with Tino but I didn’t want to go out because I knew I was going for a bike ride to Glenfield.

Bike Ride To Glenfield and Fined

gym sessionI went down to go to Glenfield and a Copper on a motorcycle pulled me over.  He gave me a $39 fine for not wearing a helmet.   I was going to go home but I thought I wanted to go to Glenfield so I started riding again.

Bike Tube Punctures Again

I got to Leumeah station and a bit past it and then my front tire blew.  I had to walk it home from there.

Job Search In CES

In Campbelltown I went to look for Jobs at the C.E.S.  I found one job.  They are going to call me back soon.    The job is in Merrylands is an office assistant job and requires knowledge of WordPress 5.1 and a sound base of typing skills.

Planning Ahead

I am going to eat now, start playing the piano soon, and then fix the tire on my bike.

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