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Mad Chaos: Thursday, May 9, 1996

Last night I went out but we ended doing nothing really.  It was an early retirement to home.

Job Search for Maroubra

I called for that job that I was wringing yesterday and it was busy.  I think that I left my number to them because they called me back today at 9:00 am in the morning and asked me to an interview tomorrow.  I’m not going to attend because Maroubra is too far out of my way.

Attended Interview

Just after that I got the other interview ring me up.  I did attend that today in my suit and tie but without a decent hairdo.   They gave me 1 hour to get there.  It was a waste of time because my hair kept getting in my eyes and by the time we were 5 minutes into the conversation, I realized I would not like to work there.  She wasn’t going to hire me anyway because I had to have good handwriting and that’s what I didn’t have.  They said they would call me back but they still haven’t called.

Taxi Chases Rory

Today was a bit better.  After walking to the station in my suit and getting seen by my brother and Astor Joseph on the way, I came home in a taxi.

I saw Rory in front of me so I told the taxi driver to “Follow the Car” and he did.  We tried to hail him down with the Taxi driver sticking his hand out and waving but Rory being the idiot he is, waved to the taxi driver and sped off.

I then called him on the mobile in the taxi and it felt good because when I got dropped off I gave the man $10 and the tip was around $3.

Pizza Hut Runs with Keith

I rode down with Keith later and we had an alright night.

Circle Talk at Parking Lot

Around 9:00 pm we started to zoom around and we had Rory, William, Astor, Ned, Shawn, Ralf, Janice, Keith, Shafiq (this Leb that they knew), Noah and me.   We went to the parking lot across from the Twin Cinemas on Dumaresq street and stood in a circle and talked.

Harley and Rory Make Out

Harley isn’t going out with William anymore.  Today I saw her in Rory’s car getting onto him with William in the back seat with Astor watching.   That’s DOG Plus.  Rory knows it and he still did it.   He deserves a slap in the face himself to wake up to himself.  He thinks he’s a hard Leb now with his hair done up in a ponytail like Imad used to have it.

Dina Dresses Slutty

Speaking of Imad, I saw him with Dina today when Keith was doing his run.  She looked (not trying to be bad to her or Imad) like a slut with a short skirt on and those garter belt things that go all the way up your legs.   Yeah them things.

Carey Slaps Me

Carey slapped me today.  We were in Keith’s car, I was listening to this shit song, and I was stupidly singing along with it.  So, she took off her belt, turned around, and slapped me in the face.  I was really pissed off because I hate being slapped by girls.  You should never hit a girl, so I couldn’t do anything about it even though I was threatening to hit her back.

Rod said “Don’t let him cause he will hit you back” and luckily she backed off.

Later she tried to apologize and I was pretty steamed for a while and just told her to turn around and shut up but she got the shits and wouldn’t talk to anyone and she walked home from the back off Pizza Hut.

Keith rang her later and I talked to her then.  We settled it but I told her that if she hits me again she had better watch out!

Philosophy of Slapping People

There has to be a good reason behind slapping a man.   My philosophy is that you should only slap someone when you know he deserved it and you are not going to regret it afterwards.   What good is hitting a man if you are going to apologize to him straight after?  That doesn’t make sense to me, and now she is regretting hitting me.

That’s the kind of person Carey is.  It is hard to understand her and I told Keith ages ago watch out if you get married to her or be serious with her because she is the kind that will get angry and throw pots at you and stab you with the kitchen knife… and then regret it afterwards.

Planning Ahead

Tomorrow if I see Harley I am going to try and get onto her or onto Natasha because I need some loving.

School holidays are coming up and I was wondering if Kathryn is coming down here.  If she is then I’m happy for about 2 weeks but if not, then I’m back to normal.

I was thinking of writing to Kathryn just then and I might end up doing it before next week is finished.

Time to watch Letterman now so see ya tomorrow.

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