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Mad Chaos: Thursday, May 30, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

The end of the month is coming near and already the plague of May is lifting off my shoulders and onto a more productive life in next month.

I see great things happening next month for my love life, my job, wealth, and my physical fitness.

I am going to take up kick boxing in my house for now.  Later in life I am going to get punching bags and start to train at a fighting class.

Job Interview

Today was a sick day.

The day started off good and ended up better with me doing things I would not normally do and going into new depths of myself and understanding more rudiments of life.

It started off with me getting up early at 8:00 am in the morning, and getting ready for the job interview.  I get there exactly on time and what do you know, I knew a guy there that used to train in Feelin Fit with me.  He should have put in a word for me.

The interview went okay but not what I had expected to happen because he didn’t ask me a whole lot of questions or ask me to ask questions.

I’m going to ring up tomorrow around 1:00 pm and see if he has had any other applicants and if they have made a choice as yet.

After the job interview I called up Keith from Campbelltown and he came down and I met him at the back of Pizza Hut.  Noah and Shawn also came down in their own cars to see what was going on.

I stayed on all of Keith’s deliveries and got a feed of a bit of Pizza.

Meat Mart With Group

At about 8:00 pm, the night started to kick a bit.

This night we had Astor, Celeste, Shawn, Ned, Rory, Janice, Natasha, Keith, Imad, William and me.

We went to the Meat Mart (“TM”) and stayed around for a while.

Interested in Celeste

Celeste got me to light her smoke up and I done it the funny way.  It took about 3 minutes to light it up because I was waving the lighter around and she was liking it.  I would like to get onto her and maybe even go out with her for a while but, Astor likes her.  Now I think that Imad likes her, but he doesn’t admit it.

Smash Rory’s Car

At the meat Mart I done some kicks to his car and dented the dent in his car even more.  I was punching his car and bruised one of my knuckles.  The “up Yours”, finger on my right hand was bruised.   Me and Imad went sick and he taught me some more boxing moves, which is why I want to take it up.

Mock Fighting With Imad

I done some handstands on the top of the benches at the Meat Mart and some handsprings.  Then me and Imad got into a brawl with each other for fun.   He taught me a bit about blocking and about defending and, he taught me balancing and shit.

Imad and Dina Split

By the way, Imad is through with Dina.   Dina said that she really still likes Lành Lê and that she would like 3 months by herself without Imad.  But, I think it is because she is using Mike for his car because that is the type of person she is.

Imad doesn’t like Mike.  So Dina goes for the best thing in the long run that will support her and Mike’s car was it.  After all, she needs it for when she gets her P plates.

Drive To Woodbine MacDonalds

After the Meat Mart, Imad, Shawn, Keith, William and me went for a drive in William’s car.  We went to Macdonald’s in Woodbine first.

We saw Carey there with her ex boyfriend and a whole lot of other people.  When we went through the drive through I ordered in Mr. Z’s voice.

Imad and I Confront Rory

Me and Imad wanted to fight someone tonight and I was unleashed for once on Rory and his car.

Rory went to Ye Old Cafe to pick up Harley.  I didn’t like that because I know him and he would want to bonk her.  So Imad and I confronted him.  Imad spoke first but I told him if he touches someone’s girl again he’d get smashed by me.

Chatted Up Chevys Girls

After that we went for another ride and we were looking for Carey’s X so we could bash him for something to do.

We ran across some girls that I saw passing behind us so I hailed them down and they were hot and Going to Chevy’s.  I done my smooth talking with Imad but it got us nowhere because they didn’t really want to know us, but on the other hand, they did?

Picked Up Hannah

pick-up girl
pick-up girl

A bit after that we stopped at the Mobil next to the Mobil on Queen Street.  We saw this car full of chicks, and when they stopped I saw this beautiful chick in there called Hannah Walters.

When they stopped they started cat fighting with this girl in the front seat.  She went into the Servo and broke the telephone and broke the Opening Doors to the Servo, then fled off because the cops were coming.   This gave me an opportunity to talk to them.

I went up to the prettiest girl and gave her my best lines.  It paid off because I have her name and last name which I think I remembered right (I hope anyway).  She lives in Leumeah and she went to Leumeah high school and she is about 19 years of age.  The only thing I didn’t get was her number but when she was going, I tapped on the window and said to them “See you all later and for my sake please don’t get into any more trouble,” and she gave me this beautiful smile and drove off.

After we done that we all went home and that was that for tonight.

Plan To Call Hannah

Now what I am going to do tomorrow is get up (the first thing that I have to do), and then I am going to call all the Hannah Walters in Leumeah.  There are only about 4 of them in Leumeah so if I’m right with her last name and if it is not a private number, then I will ring her up.

I will say, “Hi, Is Hollie there?”  “Speaking” “So, did you get home safe last night?” “Is this Tony is it?”  “Yep, I was hoping to ask you two questions…” “And what would they be?” “The first one you already heard, and I guess you got home safe.  The other thing I wanted to ask you is have you made any plans for Saturday night?”

You kind of get the picture but that will not be the conversation.   I will ad lib in the conversation to make it interesting.

Planning Ahead

I haven’t eaten much tonight, I only had a bowl of cornflakes, 2 toasted breads in the morning and Pizza for lunch.  I want to eat something now but I also want to go to sleep and get ready for tomorrow.

Keith and some others are going clubbing and I am going to stay with all the others and do some teeny bopping as usual.

Short-Term Goals

I can sense me getting better as the month ends and the new month quarrels me.  I can foresee me getting back in the gym and finally getting a girl to go out with or at least a root.  I foresee me getting a job this month and hopefully it will be this one in Campbelltown.  I foresee me getting better in Kick Boxing and kicking ass and getting bigger and I foresee me riding my bike more often and fixing it up to actually get it going for long distance races.


  • Get a Girl
  • Get a Job
  • Go to Gym
  • Improve Kick Boxing
  • Ride Bike
  • Enhance Bike
  • Buy Celica

Celica Goal

I’ve written 3 and a half pages in 30 minutes and I am proud of that.  I really hope I get this job because then I can actually get my Celica quickly because, in two years time I will have enough cash to buy a Celica.  If I want, I can take out a loan from the bank and get a Celica with that.   It has to be a Celica 88 or something like that.

I have been looking at Toyota Supra Celicas and I like the bodywork on them.  They look just a bit sicker than Celicas but I would rather a Celica.  It depends which model is cheaper, easier on the petrol, faster and more economical.

I was just about to turn off the computer but, I remembered that Imad told me that it was on June 6th that Lake Curtis killed himself by hanging.   Me and Imad are going to do something on that day.  He’s going to get drunk, but I will not, I will remember him and do something special for his passing.

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