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Mad Chaos: Sunday, May 19, 1996

Last night was a pretty good night.

Kentlyn Fire with Group

new friendWe went out to Kentlyn and we were with Ralf and his two brothers Wilfrid and Preston, Shawn, Rory, Palmer, Aubree (who I think she is hot), Janice, Keith, Imad, Noah, Dina Florinda, Ned, Harley, William, Natasha, Bình, Astor, Jazlyn and Anxo and probably some others that I can’t remember.

We stood around a fire that was huge, considering it was raining a bit earlier.   I got on a bit with Wilfrid and Preston.  I was thinking of getting onto Natasha but I felt that I shouldn’t.

Harley apparently broke up with William but William got pissed off and sooked.  Now they are going out with each other again.   While they were broken up, Natasha tried to get onto William because she had her hand around him.

Bình was with Harley in the back seat of Ned’s car so, anything could happen there.

We stayed out till about 2 am in the morning.

Natasha Invites Me To Sleep Over

Natasha asked if I wanted to stay at her house.  I said yes and she seemed happy, but I found out that Rory and Palmer and William were sleeping over, so I thought, “Fuck this”.  I went home and Natasha had a “I can’t believe you said that” face.

Meat Mart with Miroslav and Keith

I slept in till midday and soon after that Keith came and he wanted me to go out with him.   We went out to the Meat Mart and we met Miroslav there and listened to his system.   It is very fucken loud and shakes the eardrums and can do 140 decibels, not even on its full potential.

My House with Dina and Imad

After that we went to Dina’s house and Imad was there.  We picked him and Dina up and went to my house to listen to music while I had a shower.   I got ready and then Keith left to get ready for work.

Brodie and Walter at Shops

I went down to the shops to get apple juice and I met Brodie and Walter down there.   I stayed and talked to them for about an hour and I chatted up some girls while I was there.

Pizza Hut Deliveries with Keith

When Keith picked me up I was walking up my street.

Keith Prangs His Car

We went to Pizza hut and on his fourth run he parked out the front of the doors in the back of Pizza Hut and an old Scotsman ran into the front of him while reversing while I was in the car.   He fucked up one side of the car and now Keith has to put his car back in again for one more week.  Maybe he will get a good courtesy car.

Abandoned Church Burnouts with Shawn

new friendWe went out tonight again and Keith got over it because I cheered the cunt up by fucking around, the usual.   We went up to the Abandoned Church and Graveyard up the top of Broughton.

We were there for about an hour with Aubree and Janice, Ned, Noah (who was driving), Astor, Keith, William, Bình and Shawn.

Ned and Shawn were doing burnouts and 360 degrees on the wet grass.  Shawn almost lost it and actually popped one of the tires and almost tipped the car over.   He fixed the tire and put a spare tire on.  After that we all went home.

Prepared To Kill For Aubree

Aubree is pretty hot and I thought that she is breaking up with her boyfriend because he is cheating on her after one and a half years of going out.   She is supposedly going to dump him (it’s a rumor).  I have a feeling that she likes me and I definitely like her, and if anyone moves in on her knowing that I like her I will kill them.

Planning Ahead

Right now I’m making some pasta and I’m listening to I’ll be there by Mariah Carey.  I think she is a sick singer and she can suck me off anytime.

When I get up tomorrow I am going to do a number of things.

This will be my routine for tomorrow.   I will be needing some leg strength and all over endurance so this is what I have come up with.

Exercise Plan

Bike Ride To Menangle (15km)

  • A bike ride to start the day off going to Menangle, following St Johns Road all the way to Macarthur Square via the Hospital and then, following Menangle Road all the way to Menangle park where I will have completed half of my Journey.  I will then follow the Hume Highway until I get to the Narellan Road Pass.   I’ll follow Narellan Road to Appin road and then back to my house via Ralf’s house.   That would be around 15 km’s in about one hour.

Meal Plan

  • I will then have something to eat full of Carbohydrates and Protein followed by a weights session in the backyard for my Biceps and Chest, Triceps and Abdominals. I will then go and have a shower.

Bike Ride to CES (2km)

  • It’s time to go to CES and look for a job and if I’m lucky, the jobs that I went and handed in my résumés for will ring me and ask me for an interview. I’m riding there on my bike so that’s another 2 km.

Bike Ride to Glenfield (40km)

  • I will have another big feed before my big bike ride.   This time it is a big 40km ride to Glenfield’s Cambridge Avenue.  That’s where I turn back and go back to Campbelltown.   I’ll be going Via Leumeah’s Pembroke road onto Minto road following it to Macquarie Fields to Canterbury Road.   Each way is 20 Km so it’ll take me about 1.5 hours depending on how my legs feel after this.

Meal Plan

  • Another big meal and then I might have a shower again after I do some Karate and Judo in the backyard and do some stretches for flexibility.
  • Now it is about time to go and buy food for the fortnight so this is where I go and buy lots of Protein so I can munch down later that day.

Planning Ahead

I would have to wake up at least 10:00 am to do all this properly, so I’m going to eat up, finish writing this, and then go to bed before 1:00 am in the morning.

State of Origin is on tomorrow so I don’t think I am going to get interrupted through the day because Keith’s car would be in repair and Ralf would be at TAFE.

Tomorrow is going to be a tiring day and it is time to sign off now.

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