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Mad Chaos: Saturday, May 18, 1996

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Yesterday I was really pissed off and I obviously didn’t do anything stupid because I am still writing in this Diary.   Not that people change, and I am not going to change my views on Keith because he isn’t going to change for a while.

Johnnie’s House

After I wrote my last entry I went to Johnnie Roscoe’s house for a while to cool down.  It worked because I had a conversation with him and his dad about his old days.   Maura was there and I found out that she went and had sex with Shawn at a previous party.   Johnnie is still going out with Kayla.

Centenary Lookout Party

I went to the party last night but it was a shit Centenary Lookout job.

Imad came out with Dina.  Tatton actually came out once and was the fool he usually is.   There were a lot of people there but they all scattered.

We all split up everywhere.

Bình let off some firecrackers.

Ned got onto Janice and probably had his knob sucked off.

Natasha Sits On Me

Natasha wasn’t too happy considering she wanted Ned bad.   She sat on my dick last night and I would have started something but I didn’t want to.

Ralf’s Half Brothers

I got to see Ralf’s brothers who are pretty cool people.  They are twins by the names of Wilfrid and Preston.  They are pretty big.  Ralf said one of them was huge but Ralf does over exaggerate.

The party didn’t last too long and I got home by “THE DOG”.

Movies with Jett and Denim

Today I got woken up by a ring which was Jett.  He wanted to go down and watch Jackie Chan in “Rumble in the Bronx”.  So I said yeah and he shouted me in.  I picked up Denim and we left for the movies.   It was a very good movie.  In fact, it was the best this year I have seen.

Monkey Island II

I passed another bit in Monkey Island II.  Now I am just waiting for someone to pick me up but, I don’t want to ring up anyone so, if they pick me up, it’s alright.

Rory Reconciles With Keith

Rory is now supposed to be friends with Keith and everyone again and that’s pathetic I think because Keith was the one to apologize to Rory because he thinks it will ruin his chances with getting Carey back.   Wake up!  Keith isn’t going to get her back, and if he does, I’ll suck his dick!

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