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Mad Chaos: Monday, May 20, 1996

Drive Keith’s Car

Keith rang me up at 8:30 am in the morning and I told him I was sleeping.  He then came over at 9:00 am and told me that he was putting in his car.  He would like me to go with him and drive his mum’s car to the place in Leumeah.  I said “yeah yeah”, and we went.

I took the car from his house to Leumeah Road and I followed all rules and I stayed behind Keith at all times.   I didn’t do anything wrong.

Bike Ride to Glenfield

gym sessionAfter that I got dropped off at home around 10 am.  I went to the shops, bought a fish with chips and I filled up my water bottle with Apple Juice.  Then I went on my first ride to Menangle the way I planned on going for the bike ride.

Flat Tire on Return Leg

While I was coming back on the Hume Highway I was going around 40-50 KM/H when I went over a rock.  I got a flat in the back tire and had to walk about 2 Km.  I was 1 Kilometer off Narellan Road and 1 Kilometer from Campbelltown.

Keith Loans Money To Replace Bike Tube

I went to see Keith and he lent me $20 so I could fix the tire immediately.   I bought 2 tires and got the wheel fixed.  Instead of using screwdrivers, I bought specialist tools for getting tires off.  I drove that bike home.

I’m thinking of getting a faster speed for my bike but it will cost a lot of money, maybe about $200.

Groceries Shopping

As I got back home we had to go shopping.  I went shopping with my mum and I bought a lot of meat this fortnight, including Vitamin C 500 Mg tablets, which are 250g more than the previous ones.   I also bought some calcium tablets that yield 1.5g or more of Calcium per tablet.   Also on the list is Rexona sport and it smells pretty good.

Help A Stranger Hock His Fishing Rod

After shopping I was heading down to Pizza Hut to give Keith back his money.  I ran into this guy that said he was coming from Queensland and he just wanted to hock his fishing rod to get through the week so I went to Dad and Dave’s with him and made an easy $5.  He offered me $10 but I told him that I didn’t want to take all his money so I offered him back $5.   I bought a pizza with the money and now I wish I didn’t buy it.

Home Training Session

Now it’s too late to ride out to Glenfield but I will do that tomorrow.

gym sessionI will have a training session now in the backyard and then do some stretches while I am watching the State of Origin.  I am building a stock on Vitamins and Minerals now and I feel more and more towards getting a good body and training now.

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