East vs West

Mad Chaos: Monday, May 13, 1996

Pizza Hut Deliveries

Yesterday I went on a run with Keith.  Noah was with us.  We didn’t really do much that night.   Keith wanted to steal mags for his car because he needed them but it didn’t happen.

We dropped Imad off at 11:00 pm last night and Keith and William and Ralf’s cars went to Woodbine McDonalds to buy shit.

Ralf and Shawn Come Over

Today Ralf came over and he was pumping his system.   He was with Shawn and they left shortly after that.

Then Imad came over and stayed over for a while listening to CDs.  He went to Dina’s house.

Pizza Hut Runs

I went to Pizza Hut and went on the run with Simon for 2 runs and then Shawn and Ned came and Keith and Noah and Janice came down.

Carey Breaks Up With Keith

Today Keith got let off by Carey, in other words he was dumped.  Rory was hanging around her house yesterday and today just talking to her, but I think he’s trying to get onto her.

Confrontation with Lance Graves

Getting down to it… I saw Lance Graves and I followed him on my racer.   He was scared and wouldn’t slow down but I caught up easy chasing him from the back of Pizza Hut to the first BP on Queen street.  I confronted him by myself and roughed him up a bit telling him to get off his bike but he wouldn’t because he was scared shitless.

After 10 minutes I left him alone.

Within 30 minutes (kind of like Pizza Hut deliveries), a cop van turned up and confronted Keith and me.  They just gave me looks and a warning and fucked off.

Chilling With Imad

I’m in my house right now and I’ve just picked up Imad from Dina’s house.   Imad is listening to Gravediggaz.  Right now, he’s talking about perving down Dina’s top and getting too close to her.

Keith should be here in 10 minutes and so should Ralf.

Keith might have lost his job today and Ralf got into trouble with the cops for harassing a guy in a car while driving.  Ralf smashed the guy’s window for cutting him off!

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