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Mad Chaos: Friday, May 24, 1996

I’ve noticed that every time I start a new day I talk about the last day and what I did.   Well, can’t help it really so here I go.

CES Job Search

employmentYesterday I went to the C.E.S and I found two Jobs.   One that I checked today that is already taken and the other one is a Traineeship that I’m going to try and get an appointment for now over the phone.

Watch David Letterman

Last night I was very happy and I still am.  I didn’t go anywhere last night and I was playing the computer.   I turned off the computer and watched David Letterman.  I also did some stretches.  Then a commercial for Due South (the very popular series I loved and love) came on.  I jumped when it said it was featuring tonight.

Mavis Typing Speed Test

By the way, I can now type around 60 words per minute thanks to the test I did last night on Mavis.  I done around 6 tests and I averaged 55 words per minute, so now I’m a lot faster than I was about 2 weeks ago.

Drive Keith’s Car

Today Keith has officially got his Silver license.  He came over at 10:00 am and woke me up to ask if I wanted to drive the car.  To my surprise I said yes.

We went to Macarthur Square and bought some shirts and Adidas pants.

Bike Ride To Liverpool

exerciseI went for my bike ride today and I decided to follow the M4 Motorway all the way to the Toll Gates and I came back the hard uphill way (and whoa did it tax my legs) through Glenfield and Macquarie Fields way to Leumeah.   Altogether it was about 50-60 km all up and it took me from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm.  With stops and all up, that is about 90 minutes for 50 km.  I was averaging about 35km/h going up to 60km at some stages.

I had pancakes and orange juice for breakfast, as well as a multivitamin and 2 Vitamin C tablets before I left.  On the bike trip I brought a bottle of orange juice and now it is all gone.

Now I’m going to have a multivitamin, Vitamin C and Calcium tablet for my aching leg muscles.

Planning Ahead

We might be going out to Wollongong tonight with all the boys so I might or might not be going depending on what time we go.

It’s time to eat and then have a workout, do stretches, eat again, and then… Watch DUE SOUTH!

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