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Mad Chaos: Monday, April 29, 1996

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Well here I am again.  I didn’t do much today except for fuck around with the TV and go out.

Cruise with Ralf

I went out tonight again but it was only me, Ralf, Janice and Rory.  Keith, Shawn and Bình went to Canberra for Bình’s birthday.

TV Repaired

Today I fixed the TV fixed but this is still being written in the book because there is too much for me to type out right now.  The TV had a blown fuse and luckily I had a spare fuse around the house.

TextPlus Word Processor

While I’m writing this (before I typed it up), I’m archiving Textplus, which is meant to be a good word processor.  It’s pretty big so I think it is.

Bootpic Archive

I’m also going to archive “bootpic”, which lets you choose a picture and have it instead of the hand when you boot up your computer.

Planning Tomorrow

Today when I wake up in the afternoon I’m going to have a mad workout and sick food intake to go with it.

I’m going to get back to the computer now.

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