Apr 1996

April 8, 1996

Last night, about an hour ago I was doing some karate and doing some kicks and jump kicks and punches and all that.  I found that after only 5 minutes I not only gained a sweat but my tan came to its all-out best, and it was redder and better and my muscles came out all over and made me look more bulky.  After that I had a shower and it was all gone.  I also done my splits today and I went as far as I usually go.

Rory’s House

I also went to Rory’s house this day, and a couple of the Fellas were there, but the rest of the day was boring with not much to do.  If I could go to gym I would have.

Night Routine

I’m listening to a good song now just past midnight on 104.1 Today FM.  I was just listening to Pillow talk and they were discussing about tongues and what part of the body is more sensitive to the tongue.  To me it is behind the ears but I heard that blowing in the ear is good and the back of the knee, and the naval are also good.  Something to try!!

I’m just catching up on some reading right now and I will go to sleep soon.  I usually get up around 8:00 am these days and that’s good, considering I only get about 6 hours of sleep or less a night when I go to the WordPerfect class.

I’m trying to save up for my new shoes these days so, I can’t spend any money on the Solarium or Tanning creams or Driving lessons or the P.C Learning Centre or any other big spenders.  I’m just spending money on the gym at the moment and that’s about it.

Exercise Plan

I go to gym tomorrow and I will be pretty pumped.  Tomorrow is Chest and Biceps and I feel like blasting both of them but I should be putting priority to my arms, especially my biceps, because to the rest of the body they are lagging behind and I need to bring up my biceps to par with my triceps because, my arms are just too small to be considered arms, so I will be pounding them tomorrow.

Meal Plan

So for food, I have vegetables and meat and I have some source of carbohydrates, but I will be spending some money on food tomorrow so I can eat at least 400 grams of Protein and 500 grams of Carbohydrates, and getting about 4,000 to 4,500 calories altogether.  So I might have to up the Carbohydrates.  I will be drinking a lot of milk tomorrow and that’s about it for now.

Heart Rate:  64 Beats

I feel like I am in an Anabolic state or just above the state of normality and that I should have had a lower heart rate but maybe that’s just my metabolic rate kicking in.

Looking Ahead

Tomorrow is a big day and I am going to go to sleep after 16 minutes of typing.

First tomorrow I am going to see Eric at Longbay.  He comes out in about 12 days or so, and his girlfriend Amberly is coming with us.  If I get on with Emma that I am seeing then my brother will have a younger woman than Emma.  I think his girlfriend Amberly is 17 and Emma is 20 years old.

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