April 6, 1996

Irregular Sleep

I did something weird today, or my body did anyway.  I went to sleep at 2:00 am today and I got up at 6:00 am in the morning for no reason.  I could have gotten up and felt good for the day but 4 hours of sleep is not enough, so I went back to sleep and got back up at 8:00 am.  Now this too was weird so I went back to sleep.  I then got up at about 10:30 am and stayed up.

Muscle Gains

I went up in weight today and I now weigh 71 Kilos.  That’s a 0.3 Kilo gain in as little as 3 days.

When I got up I noticed most of my body-parts had grown, and that also includes my third leg.  A bit weird I know but it’s something to note.  I think in the month to come I will be growing proportionately and I will be increasing my height also.  And I guarantee me a job in 1 month.

Gym Session

Now to my workout regimen.

Warm-up: My warm-ups are getting more intense these days.  I got on the bike and I did 5 minutes and I lost 25 calories.

I then went and done some stretches, starting with doing a warm up set on Standing Calf Raises with 120 pounds for 15 reps doing them strict and slow.  I stretched the calf by getting up against a bar and holding my leg flat on the floor that I am stretching and bending the other leg.

I also did Triceps stretches and some Shoulder stretches.

Deltoid: I started with a warm up on the Machine Lateral Raises and I used 20 pounds and I done 12 reps.

I then moved to the Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press and I started with 25 pounds and I did 12 reps with that weight.  The next set was with 40 pounds and I did 8 more reps.  I then jumped to 45 pounds and I did a set to failure of 4 reps.

I then went back to the Machine Lateral Raises and did a 3 more sets.  The first set was with 40 Pounds and I did 10 reps with that weight going higher than shoulder height.  The next set was with 50 pounds and I did 10 more reps.  I then went back down to 40 pounds and I did another 10 reps.

I thought I should do my Rear Deltoids and so I went to Rear Deltoid Machine and I started with 20 pounds and done 12 reps.  The next set was with 40 pounds and I concentrated on crunching the shoulder blades together.  I did 10 reps with this weight.  I then moved up to 50 pounds and done another 10 reps.

I wanted to do more of a compound movement so I went to the Machine Overhead Press and I used 60 pounds for 10 reps.  It was pretty hard considering I was halfway through Shoulders and I was doing a compound movement.  I moved up to 80 pounds and I done 8 reps with that weight with Great Difficulty.  I then moved it down to 70 pounds and done 7 reps with that.

My last 2 sets were of Front arm raises and I was pretty tired by now.  My first set was with 2 15-pound dumbbells and I did 10 reps one hand at a time.  I then moved up to 20 pounds and I did another 10 reps one hand at a time.

Forearms: I started with 35 pounds on a bar and I did wrist curls for 15 reps going all the way up and rolling the fingers.  I then stepped to the side and with the same bar done Reverse Curls for 10 reps.  I then got a bigger heavier bar weighing 45 pounds something I haven’t used before in this gym and I done wrist curls for another 12 reps.

I then did Reverse Curls again for 10 reps.

After a slight rest I done Wrist curls again for 12 reps with the same bar.

For my last set I done Reverse Curls for 10 reps.

Calves: Well for Calves I did a pretty different approach to training.  It’s kind of circuit training but with a bit more rest and more weight.  Altogether I did 6 sets not including my warm-up.

My first set was on the Standing Calf Raises and I started with 140 pounds and I did 15 reps.  I then moved to the Donkey Calf Raises and I did 200 pounds with 15 reps.  I then had a little rest maybe 30 seconds and I went to Seated Calf Raises and I did 15 reps with 40 pounds.

I had a minute’s rest and moved onto Standing calf raises for 15 reps with 200 pounds. I moved to the Donkey calf raises and did 240 pounds for 15 reps.  I was starting to tire so I decided this would be my last set.  I done Seated Calf Raises and did 60 pounds for 15 reps.

Warm-Down: This consisted of doing 3 minutes on the bike and losing 10 Calories.

I’m having a lovely Lunch and it tastes nice, when I get to eat it that is.

After Lunch I am calling Rod to see what he’s doing and I might go out tonight.

Author: 钨宝

The author of Diary Of A Mad Chaos from 1996 to 2018, The Lost Years book, Wubao In China (猎艳奇缘) book series, and Foreigner (华人) an exploration of race relations in Australia. Fluent in Chinese Mandarin, Macedonian, and English, the author currently resides in China, Guangzhou where he continues to make comparative analysis of the cultural differences between Eastern and Western societies.

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