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April 5, 1996

Drive Keith’s Car

Yesterday I went out again as usual with Keith and we partied at Campbelltown again.  Then I drove Keith’s car home about 2:00 am and went to sleep.

Today I got up about 11:30 am.

Gym Session

I did my workout today and it took me around 40 minutes.  Here’s how I trained.

Warm-up: I did 5 minutes on the bike and I burned off 20 calories.

I then did plenty of stretching for the back before and in-between the exercises.  The stretches I did was putting my hands flat against the wall above me with my arms locked out and then arching my Lower back and stretching my Lats.  I also held onto a solid object and pulled against it with my lats.   And I also put my hands across my Chest and with the other hand I held it in this position and stretched mostly the Back Deltoid.

Latissimus: I started with a warm up on the Lat-Pulldown Machines with a “hands facing each other” Grip and I did one set of 40 reps with 45 pounds.  My next two sets were on the same machine and I did 15 reps with 90 pounds.  Today, I had a lot of attention set on how to work the muscles and I was concentrating more than usual.  My last set was with 105 pounds and I did another 12 reps with this weight.

I then moved onto Seated Cable Rows with a close grip and did 3 sets.  The first set was with 60 pounds and I did 15 reps with that weight.  I had a rest and then continued with 15 reps of 90 pounds and 12 reps with 105 pounds.  I sweated a lot today considering I was doing back.

My next exercise was Overhead Cable Straight Arm Pulldown and I started with 35 pounds and did 15 reps.  I went to do some stretches and decided to work on the Wide Grip Chin-ups.  I done one set with 80 pounds help for 8 reps.

I moved back to Straight arm Pulldowns and did one more set of 40 pounds for 10 reps.

I decided to do 3 sets of One Arm Dumbbell Rows.  My first set was with 30 pounds for 12 reps.  My next two sets went to 40 pounds for 10 reps and 50 pounds for 10 reps.  I actually went to failure for any of my back training.  I have to fix that.

Now I was kind of getting tired but I could pull more weight and trying to do heavy exercises last wasn’t very smart but…  I did it!

I went to Incline Supported Rowing and did one set of 10 reps with 40 pounds on the bar.

I thought that I didn’t want to do that anymore so I went to the T Bar Row and I done 2 sets.  The first was with 40 pounds on the Bar and I did 10 reps with a wider than usual grip and my second set was with 80 pounds and I done another 10 reps with the same grip.

Trapezius: This was a bit different from previous Trap workouts. I started with the normal Upright rows on Cables and I started with 20 pounds and I did 15 reps.  I then jumped up to 50 pounds and I did another 12 reps.  I thought that I done it in bad form so I dropped down to 40 pounds and did 12 more reps with strict form.

I went over to the Dumbbell rack and picked up some 35 pounders and did dumbbell shrugs for 12 reps.

I decided to go and try the machine version and did it with 80 pounds on the machine and I done 10 reps but I thought the machine was shit so I didn’t do another set.  Note I was so tired I didn’t give much energy to the Traps or the Lower back at this time.  I just went through the motions.

Erectors: I did 3 sets of Back Hyperextensions going from 15 reps for the first set, 15 reps for the second set, and 10 reps for the last set, and even though I didn’t do much, this muscle was the one I could feel for half an hour still pumping with blood.
Warm-Down: I just jumped on the bike for 3 minutes and burned off 10 calories and then went home.

I also started to Log my Food intake again for today.  After I write this I am going to have a nap so I can rejuvenate my muscles.  Then I’m going to go partying with Keith again.

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