East vs West

April 4, 1996

Yesterday I didn’t go to Gym.  I had a rest day because I went to sleep late that day.

WordPerfect 5.1 Course

I was talking to Emma yesterday at lunch (which I will be having with her every day now) and I found out her full name was “Emma Rea Osbourne”.

When we were talking we talked about shit like the Teacher and how shit the class was.  We also talked about sex and positions and that was cool for me.  Jeff was also with us when we were talking.  I doubt that I won’t have her number by the end of the course.

I am thinking that when the course was finished I invite Emma and Jeff to Sydney or somewhere for our graduation parade.  That’s where I’ll get her number because I’m just guessing at her number so far and I might even get together with her.

Sydney Drive with Keith, Imad, Rory

Last night I went out partying down Sydney with Keith, Imad, Rory and me and we went to look at hookers and shit like that.  Keith had his new speakers hooked up and they are 12 inch Orions and they kick.  I’m half death from them already.

We stayed out until 3:00 am and then we slept at Rory’s house for the night.  Now Rory likes Janice (another Janice) and Keith likes Harley and Imad  likes Mandy so, it’s crazy how things turn out these days.

Janice’s House

Today I’m thinking of Going to Janice’s house the one that I’m friends with and seeing how she’s doing, because I haven’t seen her for a while.

Gym Session

I done my training today and I trained my legs so here’s what I did.

Warm Up: I jumped on the bike and I thought I was going to have a shit day at the start but it came out to be a productive day for me.  I jumped on the bike for 5 minutes and I lost 20 calories and then I went and done stretches for the Quads for a count of 15, a stretch for the hamstrings and then I stretched the calves for an all over stretch.
Quadriceps: My first two sets were on the Seated Leg Extensions and my first set I did 40 pounds for 30 reps and holding it at the top of the movement and using control all the way through the movement and on some reps tensing the muscle.  I then did another set with 50 pounds and I done 15 reps of warm-ups.

I moved onto the Leg Press and I done 4 sets on this going over my previous high.  My first set was with 80 pounds and I done 15 reps without locking the knees out to get a better pump.  My second set was with 160 pounds and I did another 12 reps.  My third set was going to be with 240 pounds but I thought I should increase the weight so I put it up to 250 pounds and I did 10 reps and then I thought I should do 2 more so I did but with difficulty.  I was game to do another set so I pumped it up to 280 pounds and I got someone to spot me.  I got out about 6 to 8 reps before I felt him spotting me and I did 10 full reps with the weight.

I then went and did Seated Leg presses and I started with the stack of 200 pounds and I did 20 reps to feel the burn.  My second set was with the same poundage and I did it this time with my legs curved in a bit to work the outer thighs and I did another 20 reps.  My last set on this was with the stack again but this time my legs were sloped inwards and I did 15-20 reps again.

I then moved onto the Vertical Hack Squat Machine and I did 2 sets.  The first set was with 120 pounds and I did 12 reps.  My second set was with 240 pounds I think and I did another 12 reps with this weight.  I felt fucked by now so I went to the Seated Leg Extensions and I did one last set of 110 pounds and I done 12 reps.

Hamstrings: I did a bit more stretching and then I got into it. I started with seated Leg Curls and I done 20 reps with 80 pounds.  My next set was on the Standing Leg Curl and I done it with 10 pounds and I done 15 reps.  My next set was with 20 pounds and I done another 15 reps on the Standing Leg Curl.  I thought I’d do another so I done 15 reps with 20 pounds for each leg.

I jumped onto the Seated Leg Curl and I done 2 more sets with my first set done with 120 pounds and going for 15 reps.  My last set I tried to do it with 160 pounds, but it felt wrong so I done 2 reps, stopped, done another 2 reps, and then I dropped weight and done another 15 reps.

I then done some more stretching and moved onto…

Abdominals: Nothing fancy here.  I started with Crunches and I done 30 reps.

I then moved on and I done Side Cable Crunches with 35 pounds for 10 reps.  I done one more set of 5 reps with 45 pounds and then I went and done one more set of Crunches for 20 reps and that was my training session.

When I started doing Hamstrings I bought a Drink to replenish my Carbs.

Now I’m going to go to Campbelltown and buy “Anything”  made by “3T” and then I’m going to Janice’s house.  If I’m pesty enough I’m going to get a lesson from Keith tonight and my movie and CD back.

CYA for now.

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