East vs West

April 2, 1996

Heart Rate: 56 Beats

The heart rate was measured in the morning at 7:30 a.m.

When I woke up, I woke up by myself without an alarm, so I’m doing for the better.


Today I went to Skillshare again and that’s where Emma was again.  I like her and she is pretty hot, especially in her Farmer jeans.  Let me tell me about her.

Today I think that she was flirting with me all through the day.

Course Content

In class, we had to fill out a résumé form and on the form we had to put everything about our past life including our address, age, phone numbers and other stuff.  Emma wanted to see mine when I was finished and she gave me hers to look at, so I saw it.  She likes horse riding and doing aerobics and her number was (02) 602 2323.  I got the last section right but I don’t know about the first section.

When we were watching a movie she put her leg across mine slyly and left it there and here’s the thing.  She left it there and then bounced it off my leg, bounced her knee on mine, and I don’t know if that means, “Get off me” or “Hey just letting you know I’m here”.


At lunch I went outside and talked to her and conversation came naturally.  We came to sit in the park and talked all lunch.

She is 20 years old and she has a man by the age of 17.  She lives in Ingleburn and her man is probably a model (figures!), and he has red dyed hair and looks pretty decent but a bit of an “I love myself” kind of guy and an “I’m so dumb I don’t know girls like me” look to him.

While sitting in the park she mentioned her man at least twice, but she said in the course that she would dump him soon.  So I’m pretty freaked because she has a beautiful body and she is very smart and she has gorgeous legs and a mad tan.

Considering Making A Move

If I keep playing my game with her she’ll be mine and I’ve got 4 weeks to accomplish that task.  I get to see her tomorrow and I hope she’ll sit with me again and I can get her number, so I can call her up, or maybe I can invite her somewhere, maybe for a training session at the gym or maybe at lunch tomorrow.

We’ll go to lunch and I’ll talk to her and give her hints and read her thoughts.  She’s a young 20 and she doesn’t mind going out with younger men.  She prefers it and it doesn’t bother me.  I might have to take out her pretty boy too.

Meal Plan

This morning I had some spaghetti, Mangoes (can 425g) and a Vitamin C and some Drink.  I might not do the Food Intake thing today because it isn’t needed but I’ll just say I am going to the gym in about 10 minutes and then when I have to come back I’ll eat the Fish Piece and some Carbohydrates.

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