East vs West

April 2, 1996

Today’s workout was not only good but, it was fucken terrific and I had lots of energy.

Valerie Flirts

Talking of pussy control first, I saw Valerie at the front counter (or whatever her name was it escapes my mind from now) but, she smiled at me for no reason.  So I decided to add a “Hi, how have you been” in the “I’ll get a weekly pass please” sentence.  She whispered something I couldn’t hear but it must be because she was shy meaning I have some kind of chance of having another talk to her on Saturday.  She works on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Anyway, I went to the back where Denim was and he told me that he talked to her for me.  He asked her, “What school do you come from?” and she said “Thomas Reddle” or something like that.  Then she said “Why?” and Denim told her “Because that guy before thought he went to school with you.”  End of conversation.

So now, I have 2 women in my reach and I am feeling pretty good that if I try I can get either one and even though Emma is hot and has actually got a brain and personality and “All That”, she’s a bit too old for me.  I will only be showing her off to everyone or I’ll be getting strange looks from my friends.  If I get together with Valerie (if she is not with anyone), I’m in for a chance.


Now for the actual gym Session.

Warm-up: Today my warm-up consisted of getting on the bike and cycling for 3.5 minutes and going at a very heavy pace and burning off 25 calories.

My legs were pumped and I felt good so I went and stretched my chest by holding something and stretching my Chest.  I did that in different variations for a count of fifteen for 3 times.

Chest: My first two sets were warm ups on the Peck Deck.  My first set was with 30 pounds and I did 25 slow and controlled reps.  After that I did another set with 40 pounds for 15 more reps.  The last ten reps were done short range Peck Decks where I didn’t go all the way back on the pads.

My next three sets were Incline Dumbbell Press on maybe a 25 degree angle and I started with 30 pounds and done 15 reps with strict control and focus.  My next set was done with 50 pounds and I done 12 hard reps with that weight so I thought I should try the 60 pounders and I did and got 2 reps out of them not including the first get ready lift.

I thought that wasn’t enough so I dropped the weight to 50 pounds and continued to do 2 more reps, and I thought still, that wasn’t enough so I went down to 35 pounds and done another 8 hard reps. So let’s call all that a drop set.

The next three sets were on the Dip Machine and I first warmed up the Chest with stretches again and I done 10 reps with sweat dripping all over the place.  I tried another set and done 5 more reps and so I thought it was a change for the weighted Dip Machine and I done another set with the help of 30 pounds for 10 reps.

The next three sets were Decline Machine Press and I started with 80 pounds and I done 10 reps and the next set was with 100 pounds and with this weight I done about 6 reps.  My last set was with 90 pounds and I done another 8 reps with that.

My next two sets were with the Seated Machine Bench Press and I done my first set with 100 pounds and I done 12 reps and then my 2nd set I done the same weight and the same reps but I spotted myself with the leg pedals that you put your feet on to spot yourself.

My last two sets were with Bent Arm Pullovers and I first used 35 pounds for 10 reps and breathing hard and then I jumped to 50 pounds for about 8 reps.

Abdominals: This was a good Ab day and I started as usual with Crunches but I done 30 reps with this and it hurt straight away.

I then went and done side Cable Crunches and I done 10 reps with 35 pounds to the sides and 5 reps just doing Crunches.  I then paused and put it up to 50 or 55 and I done 10 Cable Crunches.

My next set was Crunches again and I done 15 more reps.

After that I did some Low Ab Crunches and done 10 reps on this, I then done one more set on the Crunches where I was aiming for 10 reps but I got 5 reps out of it.

I didn’t do a warm-down because I wasn’t thinking of one at the time.

So there you go that was the training session for today.

Tomorrow’s Plan

Tomorrow I will feel my Chest and I will fuel it for growth and I will also do another Gym Session and probably go to the Solarium if I don’t go out and party.

Speaking of party, I’m going out to party tonight and there are supposed to be girls there namely being Harley, Mandy, and Janice and maybe others.  Or we might just bum around.

Eric my brother cones back on the 16th of this month.  I think I’ll have a job by then.  I hope!

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