East vs West

Thursday, April 18, 1996

First Tie for Interview

Today I had an appointment at Kingsgrove for a junior office assistant position.

I dressed up in Keith’s suit and put on my first tie and good shoes and got a haircut 20 minutes before the interview.  I feel I did well at the interview and I have a pretty good chance of getting the job.  If I do get the job, it will be from Wednesday and on, so that gives me enough time to finish WordPerfect 5.1 at Skillshare.  I’ll be expecting a call around 4:00 pm on Wednesday.

Hang Out With Friends

I went out with the boys again tonight and I ate a lot of junk food and wasted a lot of money.

Looking Forward

Now I only have enough money left for 2 weeks for gym.  I hope I get my dole money tomorrow because that’ll solve a lot of problems until next fortnight.

When I get up tomorrow I’m going to work out, then later on I’m going to call Rory and go out with the boys again.

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