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Mad Chaos: Monday, April 15, 1996

Diary Of A Mad Chaos

Today was an end to a lot of things and a start for some new things.

Skillshare WordPerfect 5.1 Class

Today my passion for Emma from Skillshare has burnt its last flame (for now anyway).  She doesn’t seem to talk to me as much or listen as much.  Lately it’s been Jeff, but I’ve got a life to live so I’m just going to finish the course and get my WordPerfect 5.1 Certificate.

CES Touch Screens

I got to use the new computers today at CES.  They are touch screens and they make looking for a job so much easier.  I looked for three jobs and have to call one back tomorrow at 5 pm to see what is happening and when I can get an interview.

Dole Cancelled

I am also officially off the dole unless I can go and explain why I should be on the dole.  Case Management is fucked and they should fuck it off.  They have not helped my one bit so far, only fucked me up a lot.

If I don’t get a job soon then I’ll have to depend on mom or my brother for money, and I don’t like depending on them for money.

Kathryn has a New Boyfriend

Kathryn doesn’t come down for a while too.  She came through that she was living at a different house as to what Nina and her dad thought.  Of all the time I knew Kathryn (about 2 weeks) she shared everything with me, and she told me the truth about where she lived.   I think that is good for me and I feel proud to have been with her for that short time.  Although she has a boyfriend now I am still going to “SEE” her when she comes back because I know she is going to want to do the same, even if she doesn’t want to do the same.

Gym Session

I went to the gym today and worked out for about 45 minutes and in that time Valerie (the one that I like) was working out in this singlet and stretch pants.  She looked decent and she has a nice pair.  Not that I was looking at her all the time.

In fact I was concentrating so hard today that at the end of the training session I forgot my brother’s Adidas jacket and all that night I was acting like I was doped out and I was talking slow and I couldn’t remember names and shit.  In other words I was so mentally into my workout that I didn’t have enough mentality for the rest of the night.

Meal Plan

Today I didn’t eat much.  This is what I ate, work it out…

Meal One: Yogurt 200g, Can of Spaghetti and Meatballs, Cordial
Meal Two: Pasta twists (150g), 2 Sandwiches.
Meal Three: 250g Cod Fillets Fried, Milkshake.
Meal Four: 200g Yogurt, Cordial, Vitamin C tablet, Multivitamin Tablet.

I can’t really be bothered with the calculations now but it’s no more than 3000 calories.

Today I weighed about 71.5 Kilos so, I am going down in weight and I will go up within the week to 73 Kilos.

Gym Session

This is what I actually did in the Gym Today.

Warm-up: Warm-ups are getting pretty hectic these days.

With me riding the bike all day and all that I am going faster on the Bikes at the Gym.  Today I rode them for 5 minutes and I burned off 35 Calories and I was going at a pretty slow pace and could have done 40 easy.

I did some warm-ups for the Chest then and later on I did some Tricep stretches and some more Chest stretches.

Pectoralis: I thought I’d use the scientific word for the Chest today.  I started with a set of Pec Deck and I did 20 reps slowly and controlled and it took a hell of a time with 40 pounds.

After I warmed them up I went to the Benches and got some 20-pound Dumbbells and thought I’d tire out the muscles of the Chest way before the Triceps got involved in the work.  I did two sets of Fly’s, the first set going for 15 reps and slowly and on an Incline Bench with my concentration on my elbows going up towards my head.  My second set was with 25-pound dumbbells and I did 15 more reps with that.

My next exercise was the Bench Dumbbell Press and I did 3 sets of this.  My first set was with 40 pounds and I did 10 reps with that weight so I would not tire myself out for the next heavier sets, although I felt my muscle starting to build up with Lactic Acid. My next set was with 60 pound Dumbbells and I did 7 reps with that but not really straining much.  I dropped the weight down to 55 pounds and I straddled up after a minute of rest.  I went and did about 6 reps and then I tried another and I was half way and straining and then out of the blue this guy comes and helps me out to do another 2 more reps and that helped me out a lot.

My next exercise was the Seated Machine Bench Press and I started with 100 pounds and did 15 straight reps.  I then had to wait for a guy that I let have a go so I did a set of Upright rows with 30 pounds while I was waiting.

I then did one more set of Machine Presses and I put it up to 120 pounds and I did 15 more reps with that and I found I had a bit more power in my thrust.

The guys had another go so I went to the Dip Machine and put the helping pounds to 30 and did 10 reps with that.  About 10 to 20 seconds later I took it up to 9 plates of help and did another 10 more reps.

I went back to the Machine Presses and went up to 130 pounds and I actually did about 6 by myself and then spotted myself to 12 reps.

I went to the Dip Bar and did 4 Dips for my last set of dips.

I then went to The Decline Machine Press and I did 10 reps with 90 pounds.  That’s all I did for that.

Then I decided to go to the Cable Crossovers and I started on 30 pounds and I did 15 Cable Crossovers.  I then stepped up to 40 pounds and did another 12 reps following strict form.  I forgot to add I tried to keep strict form on all movements for Chest and I also went slow Negative reps, controlled on the way up and little or no rest at the top of the movement.  My last set was with 20 pounds and I did 15 more reps.

I now did one more set on the Peck Deck with 60 pounds and I did 12 reps and that was it for the Chest.

Abdominals: I had a killer abs workout today.  First I started on Crunches and I did 3 sets of this.  The first set was the longest for 30 reps and I did them slow and crunched the Abs at the top of the movement.  My second set I got a 20 pound plate and did another set of 20 reps.  I did one more set of 20 reps and I was fucked after them.

I then went to the Machine Ab Crunch and started with 70 pounds on the Machine.  This proved to be easy and so I did 20 reps with this weight.  I then put it up to 140 pounds and I did 15 more reps with that weight Crunching the Abs on the bottom of the movement.  I did one more set with the stack of 200 pounds and I did 15 more reps with this.

I did a set of Low ab Crunches for 10 reps and then I moved to the Cable Side Crunches and I did one set of 40 pounds for 12 reps on each side.

Warm-down: While waiting for the bikes I did one more set of Crunches for 10 reps and then I went onto the Bikes and did 2 Minutes and burnt another 10 calories with that.

Clique Drive to Kentlyn

After Gym I went and met Keith and all the others.  At the start there were 5 cars going out with about 8 people who were, Me, Keith, Ned, Janice, Mandy, Ralf, Rory, and Shawn.

Ned and Janice and Rory split later after that which was a big mistake.  When they were there we were doing screechies and lifting up the back wheels of Rory’s, Ralf’s and Ned’s car and doing 360’s in the dirt up at Kentlyn.  That got boring, so we left Mandy and Keith alone together (not that they did anything) and we decided to go for a ride.

We got out of the driveway into the close off and Shawn (whose car I was in) started doing burn-outs in the gravel.  We started riding to the other close-off and we saw a car of 4 girls and a gay guy who we drove towards in the close off we were in.  We decided to scare them so I told Shawn and Ralf to back up and block them off so they couldn’t get out.

Ralf thought, “Lets chat them up”, so we backed up but they started driving away.  I thought that’s not nice and I told Shawn to go chase them.  Shawn told Ralf and he put his turbo on and darted off after them.

Car Chase

It was a long one-way street and the people in the car would have been shitting themselves, especially when I told Shawn to go on the wrong side of the road going 100 km/h and overtake their Gemini, or Datsun.  Might I add we were going around a corner and then up a hill on the wrong side of the road before we actually got past them.

Then I told Shawn to slow them down so he started slowing them down and they slowed down too.  Ralf overtook them by then and we told him to stay on the other side of the road and slow down.  He didn’t, and we ended up stopping before a turn off and let them go.  They were shit scared because they took that corner pretty fast.

After that we went and bothered Keith by sneaking up to him with the lights off and found out they weren’t doing anything anyway.  But, Keith looked like he had a hard on over her.

Gym Recap

Now I am going to go through my old training sessions to check the maximum weight I have done on each exercise, as well as to check how much I weigh.

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