East vs West

April 13, 1996

Five Car Cruise

Well I was out last night and I did have a good time.

I had to call Ralf because 2 cars were full and there ended up being 5 cars full of people.  There was Humphry’s car, Ralf’s car, Redd’s car, Rory’s car, Bình’s car and we also had Anxo’s car for a while.

Anxo pranged into Redd’s car and fucked up the front of his car a bit.  Hudson was there too (Miroslav’s friend), and also Mandy and Janice and Harley and Carey, who I think was trying to get onto Ralf all night.

Macarthur Lookouts

Well we went to some lookouts and fucked around.   We spent money and shit and picked some chicks up.

Palmer Keefe picked some chicks up in a Sky Blue Excel but, they were fucken ugly shit.

Ralf used turbo in his car and it fucken Hoons, for an auto.

We didn’t take the camera out last night but I just rang up Rory and he said tonight at 11:00 pm  him and Ned might be bringing the camera.

The Gym

I now weigh 72 Kilos and I weighed that yesterday’s training session too so I’ve moved up in the world.  Next week at the end of the week I will weigh 73.5 Kilos.  And I will be bigger than ever and I am going to fuck my biceps up next biceps training session.

Chat Valerie Up

I think I have no shame, I saw Valerie today at the gym and I decided to have a go and talk to her.  Well things went well for a bit then she started giggling, which I don’t know what that means.  Then I asked her what her name was and for a second she acted serious and told me her name.  Then what I did is say, “Hi my name is Tony,” or something like that and went to shake her hand.  She shook my hand giggling all the way.  So I have no shame I guess.

Gym Session

Let’s get to the workout.

Warm-up: I’m getting good at this.  I pounded my legs with over 300 pounds of resistance and knocked 30 calories in 3 minutes, my best so far.

I did a little bit of stretching today but all for triceps because I don’t know how to stretch the Shoulders.

Deltoid: For my Shoulders I started on the Dumbbell Seated Presses and I started with 25 pounds and I did 20 slow continuous reps.  I don’t know what my maximum for this I have so I went up to 40 pounds each hand and I did 9 Reps.  I thought I should go try the Machine version so I did.  I did 2 more sets on this but I count it as one.

My first set was with 90 pounds, something I haven’t tried and I did 5 reps with that.  I took a short pause and then done 3 more reps with 80 pounds.  I jumped on the Machine Laterals and I started with 30 pounds and did 12 reps.  I thought this was pretty easy so I tried higher and I went to 60 pounds.  I did another 12 reps and I was burning but not enough so I tried 80 pounds and guess what?? For the first time ever on this weight I did 10 reps.  That’s a high weight for me I think.

I then did some Machine Rear Deltoids and I started once again with 30 pounds and I did 12 reps.  I thought I should try 60 pounds and I did 12 more reps with that weight. I thought I should stick to the same weight so I did and I got out another 12 reps.  I only had about 45 minutes to finish my workout so I had to make it quick and I didn’t really feel the burn in my Shoulders.

I was too busy focusing my attention to see if Valerie was looking at me or not.  I finished the workout in 40 minutes.

Triceps: I started with Tricep Pushdown with a straight bar and I did my first set with 40 pounds and I did 12 reps with slow controlled movements.  My second set was with 50 pounds and I did another 10 more reps with that weight.  My triceps were pretty weak today.  My next set I changed the bar to a slightly Curved bar and I did another set of 12 reps with 50 pounds again.

My next exercise was on the Machine Bentover Tricep Pullovers and I did a set of 12 reps with 40 pounds on it.

I then moved to the Machine Lying Tricep Extension and I did one set with 50 pounds on it and I did 12 reps.

Calves: I then moved onto the Calves and I started with Donkey Calf raises so Valerie could see me and my butt.  I started with 200 pounds and I did 15 reps.  I then went to 260 pounds and I did another 15 more reps.  I then went up to the Standing calf Raises and I did 15 more reps with 220 pounds.

I did my workout in 40 minutes.  There were no warm down because I forgot.  How could that happen!

Stood Up by Kathryn

LATE BREAKING NEWS: Kathryn Carter is not coming back for a while so fuck waiting for a root and let’s get one soon… not that I haven’t been trying.

If William didn’t take Harley I would have given her a go, but too late now, for now!

Party Preparation

Tonight after I write this I have to go also to Johnnie Roscoe’s Party.  Now I’ll stay for about 2 hours or so at his party till 9:00 pm not only because I have to meet Rory but also because I would feel weird at another guy’s house for a party.  If it was Johnnie’s house it will be okay, but it isn’t, so I guess most of the party will be later tonight.

I wonder how fast my typing speed was.  It is a pity about the accuracy.

Now it’s now 6:40 pm and I’m getting ready to go out, so see you later.

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