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meal plan 9

April 11, 1996

Heart Rate:  61 Beats

I did my heart rate just after I woke up.

Johnnie’s House

I went to see Johnnie today and Kira Cohen, and that’s about it.

Meal Plan (9)

I followed my Food Intake Plan until now.  I’ve had 3 meals so far.

This was my food plan for the day.

Meal One: 1 banana, 200g yogurt, 100g mushrooms, Ham and Pea Soup, Orange Juice.
Meal Two: Cod Fish fillets (200g), 125g Pasta twists, 250g Broccoli, 4 egg whites (80g), Vitamin C Tablet, Multivitamin Tablet.
Meal Three: 1 banana, 600g Chicken, 200g Corn, Vitamin C, Orange Juice.
Meal Four: 1 Banana, 200g Yogurt, 2 Rice cake Sandwiches, Vitamin C.
Meal Five: Milkshake, 1 Bread Sandwich.

Calorie Plan

Calories: 4300
Carbohydrates: 501.2 grams 46.2% of Calories
Fat: 95.7 grams 19.8% of Calories,
Protein: 368.8 grams 34.0% of calories.

Video Tape Night

Now I’m going out for the night with the usual but to do the not so usual.  There will be five cars and there will be one camera and a lot of camera hogs.  I think there will also be girls coming.  I will definitely get a bit of camera and I will be getting a videotape of the night.

I think this videotape is going to be sicker than the first tape we done in Early January (I think).  It’s going to be SICK because all of us are into it tonight and I am very into getting taped again.

Final Preparations

I might eat more tonight depending on how much money I have and if I am coming back home late at night to eat something and sleep here or at Rory’s house.  I’ll have to see.

Tomorrow I don’t have much to do I don’t think but on Saturday Johnnie Roscoe is having a party and it’s for his and Wolf’s birthday party so, I guess I’m going to that.

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