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Meal Plan

March 31, 1996

Today I started the day at about 10:00 am and I went to sleep at 1:00 am last night.

Fishing with Dad

I felt pretty good today and I went fishing with dad.  Together we caught 7 fish and I caught 3 fish (2 small 1 medium).  Altogether it was a pretty good catch.

When we got back home after a good feed I felt better but I didn’t get any Vitamin C until just about 5 minutes ago.  I just had 2 tablets and am going to have another with my next meal.

Meal Plan (5)

Today’s meals were fucked up a bit but I seem to have a handle on it now.

Meal One: Mangoes (420g),  Banana,  Quik Milkshake.
\\\\\  Fishing /////
Meal Two: Mashed Potatoes (600g),  1 banana.
Meal Three: Can of Fish (Picnic 125g),  cordial.
\\\\\ Home /////
Meal Four: Rice (200g), Lamb Chops (500g), Cordial, 2 Vitamin C tablets.
Meal Five: 4 eggs (100g), 8 Liver Paste Bread slices, Quik Milkshake, vitamin C tablet.


Calories 4600
Protein: 314.9 grams 27.1%
Fat: 104.6   grams 20.3%
Carbs: 611.1 grams 52.6%

I don’t feel like I’ve got all these calories in me yet because I haven’t had my fifth and last meal yet, but I’m about to.

Also, daylight savings is over and I turned my clock back last night.

Tomorrow Plans

I have to go to Macarthur Skillshare tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 pm.  Then I have to have a workout and then I have to call Keith so I can have a talk with Imad  and get to see him.  He has dropped Berenice Valarie and is going to try and go out with his old girlfriend, which I can’t remember her name.

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