Meal Plan

March 31, 1996

Today I started the day at about 10:00 am and I went to sleep at 1:00 am last night.

Fishing with Dad

I felt pretty good today and I went fishing with dad.  Together we caught 7 fish and I caught 3 fish (2 small 1 medium).  Altogether it was a pretty good catch.

When we got back home after a good feed I felt better but I didn’t get any Vitamin C until just about 5 minutes ago.  I just had 2 tablets and am going to have another with my next meal.

Meal Plan (5)

Today’s meals were fucked up a bit but I seem to have a handle on it now.

Meal One: Mangoes (420g),  Banana,  Quik Milkshake.
\\\\\  Fishing /////
Meal Two: Mashed Potatoes (600g),  1 banana.
Meal Three: Can of Fish (Picnic 125g),  cordial.
\\\\\ Home /////
Meal Four: Rice (200g), Lamb Chops (500g), Cordial, 2 Vitamin C tablets.
Meal Five: 4 eggs (100g), 8 Liver Paste Bread slices, Quik Milkshake, vitamin C tablet.


Calories 4600
Protein: 314.9 grams 27.1%
Fat: 104.6   grams 20.3%
Carbs: 611.1 grams 52.6%

I don’t feel like I’ve got all these calories in me yet because I haven’t had my fifth and last meal yet, but I’m about to.

Also, daylight savings is over and I turned my clock back last night.

Tomorrow Plans

I have to go to Macarthur Skillshare tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 pm.  Then I have to have a workout and then I have to call Keith so I can have a talk with Imad  and get to see him.  He has dropped Berenice Valarie and is going to try and go out with his old girlfriend, which I can’t remember her name.

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The author of Diary Of A Mad Chaos from 1996 to 2018, The Lost Years book, Wubao In China (猎艳奇缘) book series, and Foreigner (华人) an exploration of race relations in Australia. Fluent in Chinese Mandarin, Macedonian, and English, the author currently resides in China, Guangzhou where he continues to make comparative analysis of the cultural differences between Eastern and Western societies.

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