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March 30, 1996

Heart Rate: 56 Beats

That was taken when I woke up at 11:00 am and I went to sleep at 1:30 am.

Meal Plan

I’ve worked out my Daily Eating Plan today so here it is.

Meal One: 1 Banana, Fish-Can (Picnic 125g), Orange Juice, Vitamin C.
Meal Two: 200g Yogurt,  Spaghetti (200g),  Orange Juice, Vitamin C.
\\\\\ WORKOUT /////
Meal Three: 1 Banana, 600g Chicken, Quick Milkshake.
Meal Four: 1 Rice Cake sandwich, 250g Broccoli, Orange Juice.
Meal Five: 1 Rice Cake sandwich, Quick Milkshake,  Vitamin C.


Calories 3000
Protein: 243.8 grams 33.3%
Fat: 45 grams 13.8%
Carbs: 387.8 grams 52.9%


Workout Pain

Well today my buttocks are hurting the most but when I do a Hamstring stretch I can feel it there too.  When I flex my Quads I can feel it there too, but my Calves don’t show much sign of being worked to the max.  Maybe because I was running out of steam and I just got them done.

Gym Plan

Today, I am working on the Shoulders, Triceps, Forearms and Abdominals.  This is the Program that I might follow in the coming weeks, until I get into double splits.


Day 1: Chest — 9-12 sets;
Biceps — 6-9 sets;
Abs — 3-6 sets;
Day 3: Quads  — 9-12 sets;
Hams — 6-9 sets;
Abs — 3-6 sets;
Day 5: Lats — 9-12 sets;
Traps — 3-6 sets;
Erectors — 3-6 sets;
Abs — 3-6 sets
Day 6: Shoulders — 9-12 sets;
Triceps — 6-9 sets;
Forearms — 3-6 sets;
Abs — 3-6 sets;
Calves — 6-9 sets;
Day 8: Chest — 12-16 sets;
Abs — 6-9 sets;
Day 10: Quads — 12-16 sets;
Hams — 6-9 sets;
Abs — 3-6 sets;
Day 11: Lats — 12-16 sets;
Traps — 3-6 sets;
Erectors — 3-6 sets;
Abs —    3-6 sets;
Day 12: REST DAY
Day 13: Shoulders — 12-16 sets;
Forearm — 6-9 sets;
Abs — 3-6 sets;
Calves — 6-9 Sets;
Day 14: REST DAY


That’s the Routine for a while starting from next week.  Right now I feel mentally aware but I could do with a bit of body awareness.

I feel that I have an Average Workout ahead of me today.  I will only do compound movements to build up the muscle, except for the shoulders where I will have to do shaping exercises, but I will use Dumbbells instead of Machines.  Triceps will be heavy and Forearms will be O’ natural.  And, what can I say for Abs.


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