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March 29, 1996

Gym – Leg Day

Today I got up at 12:30 pm because I was extra tired.  I thought that I was going to do a double split of Legs and then do the Shoulders and Triceps in the afternoon, but I thought if I did that then I wouldn’t have enough energy for Chest the next day.

So I decided to do a long, and gruelling Leg Session today.  It was, long and grueling.

It didn’t seem I’d have enough energy and I was half right.  I did go very heavy on my exercises for an hour of working out, but I didn’t focus on how I was working the muscle.  When I tried to focus I would quickly forget I was focusing, so, I wasn’t mentally into it today, but I lifted huge amounts of weight.

Warm-up: The first thing I did was jump onto the stationary bike for five minutes on the bike for 20 calories.

Then I went and did some leg stretches like lying down on the ground with one Leg bent back from the knee and holding for 10 seconds, and doing the same but standing up.

Quadriceps: Well my first three sets were to warm up the Quadriceps Muscles so I went to the Leg extensions and did my first set with 30 pounds for 15 reps.  On this exercise I was concentrating on holding the weight at the top for a count of 1-2 and then releasing and lowering and bringing up the weight under control at all times.  My second set was with 70 or 60 pounds and I went for another 15 reps and my last set was with 100 pounds and I done 15 more reps with control in them and trying to hold them at the top of the Movement.

After that I went onto the Leg Press Machine and I done 3 strict sets.  My first set was with pretty heavy weight and I started with 160 pounds and done 12 reps under strict control.  At this time I was already sweating severely so I was working pretty hard.  My second set I added 40 pounds and went up to 200 pounds and done another 12 reps again under control.  After doing some more stretches for the Quads (even though I should have stretched the Hamstrings and the calves for a better contraction), my third set was done with another 40 pounds put onto that so I could lift 240 Pounds and done 10 reps and then thought I should quit but I done another 2 reps with strict style and it killed.

Now I just found out that at the end of 1994 I could lift 280 pounds for 10 reps so I’m going to aim for 300 pounds in 1 month.  All that I have to do is add two 20 pounders to the end of each one and then two more tiny 10-pounders and I will be lifting 300 pounds on Leg Press.

After that I went to the Squat rack and loaded the bar with 80 pounds and performed Bent-leg Deadlift for 12 reps.  But, it didn’t feel right to me like I was doing something wrong.  I felt my lower back straight away and it felt good so I did another set with the same weight for 10 reps and then I quit that exercise because it felt like I was doing it wrong.

I was holding the bar at about shoulder width one arm up one arm down and I was sort of using the Squatting stance and back arch to come up and down trying not to arch my back.

After that I went to the Parallel Cable Leg Press and I used 160 pounds for 15 reps.  Now this exercise is too easy to do so I went up to 200 pounds (the Stack) for another 15 reps and it was still too easy for me so I went to the Hack Squat (feeling fatigued in the legs by now).  I done a set of Standing Hack squats with 40 pounds for 12 reps and I didn’t like the stress it was giving to me so I stopped.

Almost into over-training state I did one last set of Leg extensions with 60 pounds for 15 reps.  This took me about 30 minutes to complete.

Hamstrings: Well this is a completely different story altogether.  I started with stretching by touching my toes and not bending my knees and then I jumped onto the Lying Leg Curls and with 30 pounds I did 15 reps.

Now I found out that this exercise give stress to the knee joint so I decided to do only two sets of this.  I Also found out that the Hamstrings are connected to two joints thus being a two jointed muscle so the Leg curls would work the lower and middle part of the Hamstrings and something like the Deadlifts or straight Leg Deadlifts would work the Higher part of the Hamstrings.

My second set was with the One Legged Standing Leg Curl and I done the first set with nothing on the stack so I could get used to the Movement and I done 12 reps.  My second set I moved up to 10 pounds and done 12 more reps and I felt my left leg needed one more rep so I gave it to the poor leg.  My next set was with 20 pounds and I done another hard 12 reps so I went down to 10 pounds and done another 12 reps.  It is a relatively new exercise to me so I thought I’d give it my all.

My next set I was pumped so I went to the Lying leg Curl and I done 60 Pounds (I think?) for 10 reps and were they hard reps.

Now I decide to go to the Seated Leg Curl machine and I started with 80 pounds and done 15 reps.  It was easy so I went to 120 pounds for 15 reps again.  I think I’ll use the stack next time, The next and last set was with 150 pounds and I done 15 reps again.

I was starting to lose my energy by now and I decided not to do my Abs today and do them another Day, Possibly tomorrow.

Calves: I started without stretching because my mind was not into it.  I almost forgot my wallet but a guy pointed out that my wallet was on the last apparatus I used so that’s how much I was concentrating by now.  My first set was on the Seated Calf Raise Machine and I used 40 pounds for 15 reps and I felt the burn good.

The next set I went to Standing calf Raises in no hurry and done 15 reps with 120 pounds.

I then moved onto the Seated Calf Raises again and moved up to 80 pounds for 10 reps and it was a struggle to do.

So I decided to go to the Donkey Calf Raises and done with 260 pounds on the Stack 15 reps.

I then went to the Seated Calf Raises and done 15 reps with 60 pounds.  That was all I could handle so I stopped.

Warm-down: Now all I done was two and a half minutes of Bike and lost 5 calories in the progress.

Now as my diet for today this is what it is.  Before I do that I would like to point out that I might be using up two days for my legs.  My normal leg day for the Quadriceps and Hamstrings and the next day after that with the Shoulders and maybe the Triceps I would do the Calves.  Sounds like a plan.

Meal Plan


Meal One: 1 banana, 200g Yogurt,  Nutri grain,  Orange Juice,  Vitamin C.
Meal Two: Pasta Twists (125g), Watermelon (200g), orange Juice, Vitamin C
\\\\\ WORKOUT /////
Meal Three: 480g Liver from Lamb, 1 Banana, Orange Juice.
\\\\\ SOLARIUM /////
Meal Four: 4 Potatoes (600g), watermelon (200g),  Orange Juice.
Meal Five: Peas and Corn (500g),  Ice Cream (200ml), Orange Juice, Vitamin C.


Calories 3500
Protein: 256.9 grams 29.9%
Fat: 83 grams 21.8%
Carbs: 414.6 grams 48.3%

Evening Plan

Now what I am going to do is have a shower and go to the Solarium and then come back, eat, have another shower (that’s 3 in 1 day) and then put on the cream for Skin Care and vitamins A, D and E.  I’ll also catch up on some reading.

Oh yeah, I got into the Tutorial for WordPerfect 5.1 so I have to get up at around 7:00 a.m. for about 1 month.  The fishing trip with my Dad on Sunday will help out though.

It’s now 5:53 p.m. and it’s time to go to the Solarium.

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