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March 28, 1996

Muscle Pains

Last night I went to sleep at 2:00 a.m. and got up at 11:30 a.m.  My rear deltoids and the Teres Major and Lower part of the Lats at the insertion at the bottom of the Obliques are hurting today, and the shoulders are intensely hurting, but it’s a good hurt.  You know it’s been worked when you touch the body part and you feel the pain in it.

Typing Speed Class

Well today I went to PC Learning Centre and got my WPM Average.  I got a huge 50 words per minute.  So with that I can get a job now and hopefully a lot of money and my own office.  I’m one step into that now.

Elaine, the person who teaches me at PC Learning Centre is eager to get me into a job so she rang up an agency and they booked me in for next Thursday.  So I have to take in my résumé and banking details and something else.  The business is at 76 Bathurst Street Liverpool.

Meal Plan

Now my Food intake plan for today is as follows.

Meal One: 1 Banana, 200g Yogurt, Nutri grain and Vitamin C tablet.
Meal Two: Picnic Fish (can 125g), quick milkshake, and Vitamin C tablet.
Meal Three: 1 Banana, Salami tomato and Lettuce Sandwich, Orange Juice.
Meal Four: Spaghetti (200g), 4 Pieces Chicken, Orange juice.
Meal Five: Broccoli (250g), Rice Bread Sandwich, 4 egg whites, Orange Juice, Vitamin C tablet.


Calories 3000
Protein: 260 grams 34.8%
Fat: 44.4 grams 13.4%
Carbs: 386.8 grams 51.8%

So there it is! That’s what I’m eating up today so I can resume with energy tomorrow.

I will now do some touch-typing and learn a bit more of it, then read some Muscle Mags before I go to sleep tonight.

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