East vs West

March 21, 1996

Keith is Dumped

I saw Keith last night and he was pretty sad.  It turns out that Mandy likes Rory now and just wants to be Keith’s friend.  I hate when girls say that.  Anyway I feel deeply for Keith and wish that he gets her because I think they will be good together because they suit each other or at least be very good friends.

Power of Mind

I am astounded today at the Power of Mind I have had today.

Typing Speed Test Improvement

Today about ten minutes ago I just beat my WPM ratio of 45 words per minute by a heap of extra.  I beat it with 60 words per minute and with accuracy that turned out to be 55 WPM.  I am having a good mentally active day today but it doesn’t really seem like it.

The reason I got to that speed is mostly due to my style of typing.  I looked ahead about one or two words when typing so I can keep a constant pace on myself.  Also, my words came easy to type today with my accuracy at the 90% mark.  I’m pretty proud of what I have achieved.  It must be my good Biorhythm day for mental awareness.

Today I actually handed my form in on time and I should be getting all my money tomorrow.

Daylight savings ends at the end of March.

Tomorrow I go to the PC place and get taught how to use Lotus 123.

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