East vs West

March 16, 1996

Heart Rate: 80 Beats

In addition to the heart rate, the thing is I haven’t done any stressful work except for riding the racer today.  Speaking of which, I rode it almost all day today.

Campbelltown Chores

I woke up about 1 pm and went to Campbelltown to do all my chores.  The thing was, nothing was open so I had to come back home.

Payphone Call to Keith

Also Keith dogged me.  I rang him up on a payphone to see what he was doing and he said he’d stop and see me when he picked up Bình and some other girl.  Anyways I saw him drive past the first time and I thought he didn’t see me and kept driving.  So I decided to wait a bit more time and when 10 minutes past, he drove past again.  I think he saw me but he didn’t even bother to slow down and look to see if I was there, so I just left and went home.

Driving Lesson

I went for my driving lesson today.  The guy picked me up from my house and I went driving for one hour.  I went pretty good but the thing I was doing wrong was that it was my first on-road lesson.  I was a bit nervous that I wasn’t paying enough attention.  I pay more attention on my bike than in the car.


I planned to see 12 Monkeys again but, Jett  was at his girlfriend’s house and he didn’t want to go, so I am here doing nothing.

Anyway, I’m typing pretty fast and I feel pretty good now, so it must be my good day today, although it started out shit!

Brother Serves Jail Time

Tomorrow my brother goes to prison to serve for about 30 days so he can pay off his fines.  Good luck to him.  We will fix the Carbie tomorrow.  If I get a job within this month I will put money aside to fix the car so he has something decent and roadworthy to drive.

But that’s all in the Future.

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