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March 14, 1996

Typing Speed Test

Well today at 10:30 am I went for my Typing Speed Test and scored 25 words per minute with 98.3% accuracy.

I am proud of the Accuracy part but not of the actual speed.  So I’m going to go again soon and we’ll see how I go then.

Meal Plan

Today is the day of rest and also the day of High Protein in my Daily eating Plan.  I’m trying to consume about 3000 calories to bulk up a bit.

Calories 3200
Protein: 293 grams 37%
Fat: 38 grams 10%
Carbs: 420 grams 53%


Meal One: 1 banana, 500g Yogurt, Nutri Grain Cornflakes.
Meal Two: Orange juice, Pasta (150-200g), Two fish pieces (400g).
Meal Three: Mangoes (425g), Orange juice, 500g Chicken Breast.
Meal Four: Orange juice, 500g mix veggies, Tomato – Beetroot sandwich.
Meal Five: 1 Banana, 440g Baked Beans (Salt Reduced)

My Chest and Top of Triceps (near the rear Deltoid) are hurting today.  I believe I worked them very hard yesterday and the Triceps at least should heal and fix before tomorrow when I work shoulders, triceps and forearms.

I think my outer Lats are starting to protrude so I’m going to train them extra special so I can get that sweep look.

Cinema Plans

Tonight I’m going to watch the Premiere of 12 Monkeys and I’m going with Jett to see it.

Tatton Invited Over

I just got off the Phone with Tatton and he wants to go to a Coolio Concert that I already know about.  I said I’d think about it but.  I think he’s got a fat chance of getting me to come along after he’s been avoiding me and Nina, so, I don’t think so.  Yeah!

Anyway, Tatton is coming over now.  I am going to get prepared for a boring night until 5:00 p.m.  That time is only an hour away, so why bother to come over?  I don’t understand this guy most of the time, practically all of the time… but hey.  This is reality and he’s the freak show.

Kathryn’s Letter

I’m still waiting for a letter from Kathryn that’s supposed to be in the mail and on its way.  It hasn’t come yet and I want to know if I can see others or save myself for some Great Fucking Sex when she comes back, you know the type where you do 20 positions in 10 minutes and have to turn on the music to full volume because your partner is groaning so much from the pleasure you give her.  I miss the good old days.

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