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Cultural Differences: Safety In China vs The West

Today, I had a conversation with a subscriber who added me on WeChat.  She travelled from Johannesburg, South Africa to Vietnam to teach English for…

Cultural Differences: Pollution In China And The West

Cultural Differences: Sunshine versus Pollution In a brief stopover in Australia, a consultation with a local Beijing-born GP turned to discuss the weather in China….

Cultural Differences: Chinese versus Western Fashion Trends

The “Camp” Factor In Chinese Fashion On the metro in China, I noticed for the umpteenth time a key cultural difference between Chinese fashion and…

Cultural Differences: Identity Fashion In China

Chinese Fashion Revolution In China, Guangzhou, while in the metro with a friend who shares my passion for cosplay, in the thicket of the crowd…

Cultural Differences: Australian versus Chinese Country Folk

The Chinese Migratory Phenomenon The Chinese Spring Festival is over.  Everyone from the countryside is streaming back into Guangzhou city to return to their jobs. …

Cultural Differences: The Cultural Vacuum Of The West

China Steeped In Tradition China is a country steeped in tradition. There are so many traditions and cultural practices that happen in this country all…


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