East vs West

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Cultural Differences: Chinese Travel Aspirations

In Australia, Sydney, on a night-time walk down the main business district, I noticed a Chinese couple, and a lone Chinese girl walking with them….

Cultural Differences: Dealing With Racism In Eastern And Western Societies

Chinese Racism Towards Foreigners Racism is an issue in China that seems to pervade all of society, and yet, Chinese people do not think they…

Cultural Differences: Eastern And Western Travel Culture

Australia: A Land Of Travelers In Australia, travel is considered a rite of passage, and almost a human right. As a nation built on immigrants,…

Cultural Differences: The Costs Associated With Coming To China To Teach English (ESL)

The Story Of A Foreigner Who Comes To China To Teach English (ESL) In China, Guangzhou, while I boarded in Dengba hostel (登巴客栈), I befriended…


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