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Cultural Differences: Business Infrastructure In East vs West Societies

In Australia, Sydney, on a return trip from China where I have lived on and off since 2013, I was struck by the cultural differences…

Cultural Differences: Sexualised Business Fashion In East vs West Cultures

Sexualized Fashion  On Australian Teenagers In Australia, Sydney, I picked up a few fashion pointers that highlighted more differences between Eastern and Western fashion culture….

Cultural Differences: Ingredients For Business Success In China / Australia

Ingredients For Business Success In China In China, Guangzhou, jogging along the Pearl river, I came across a group of midnight fishermen casting fishing lines…

Cultural Differences: Consumer Choices in China vs The West

Consumer Choices In Australia The criteria for commercial success in China versus The West has developed some substantial cultural differences over the years. Consumer choices…

Cultural Differences: Doing Business In China vs Australia

Opening Shop In China vs Australia In China, Guangzhou, while conducting a regular English class with Chinese students, the topic of Chinese and Western business…


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